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Organize My Home Office in 3 Simple Steps

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As a person who works from home, having an organized home office is important to me. When I organize my home office, and it is neat and tidy, I feel like my brain is more focused and I can accomplish more. But, because my office is in my home, it serves multiple purposes, which often causes disorganization. In the evenings my desk doubles as a homework station or you tube viewing area for one or more of my kids.

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Also, the office needs to be a space for our home life, not just my work life. We sort the mail in this space, file our bills and paperwork relating to our home and cars, and deal with permission slips, report cards, and other paperwork for our kids. Since the office serves many purposes, it can easily get messy and cluttered. Here are a few tips that might work to help you organize your home office:

No Kids Allowed

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By far the biggest source of the mess in my home office is my kids! They use the office for homework and to play video games and they also sneak in if they are looking for a quiet place to read. But, they almost always leave a trail of their belongings. I’m continually finding books, headphones, toys, stuffed animals, and school paperwork strewn all over the floor of my office! The simplest way to solve this mess is to have a “no kids allowed” policy. Set up another area in your home for kids to do their homework and have a quiet place to read.

Separate Work And Home

As best as you can, try to keep your work and home items separate in your home office. If you have space, have two filing cabinets, one for work and one for home. Use desktop organizers to keep personal paperwork separated from work paperwork. Buy 2 white boards, one for your personal to-do list and one for your work to do list and so on. No matter what size your office space is, you can find tips and tricks to keep these two areas separate.

Straighten Every Evening


If you worked in an office building, chances are you would take a minute or two to straighten your work area before you left. If you work from home, you might not really ever “leave” for the day. You might stop working for a few hours, then hop back on your computer later in the evening to get a few more things done. Or, you might not feel the need to straighten up because it’s just your family who sees it. But, finding a time to take a few minutes to do a quick clean up does wonders for keeping your home office neat and tidy, without letting the paperwork get overwhelming.

Hopefully, these 3 simple tips will help you keep your home office organized and be a space that you enjoy walking into to start your day each morning!

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