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5 Hacks to Organize and Store Holiday Items

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Now that the holidays are winding down, it’s time to put away the ornaments, garlands, and wrapping paper you’ve used or newly acquired this holiday season. Because I get a great deal of enjoyment out of giving gifts and decorating for the holidays, I’m the owner of a large collection of Christmas tree ornaments, decorations and Christmas themed wrapping paper. What I don’t have is a lot of space for storing my holiday decor. Or time for packing and unpacking my decorations each year. Fortunately, I’ve recently discovered these great hacks to organize and store holiday items.

Hacks to Organize and Store Holiday Items

1. Create an “Open First” Box

Because of the number of Christmas decorations I’ve collected over the years, I don’t end up using everything each year. This is especially true this year because I recently moved into a smaller house. My holiday decorations were sorted into boxes by type when I put them away last year. As a result, I spent a great deal of time this year digging through decorations I don’t currently have space to display.

This year when I pack up, I will follow this hack to organize and store holiday items by creating an “open first” box. This box should contain your favorite decorations and those you intend to put out first. If like me, you know you won’t be using everything next year, this saves you from having to bring out and unpack boxes that are headed right back to storage without being used. It will be quite a timesaver.

2. Store Wrapping Paper in a Garment Bag

This hack for storing wrapping paper is great for Christmas, but also useful for birthday wrapping paper and any other occasion of gift giving. I have always stored rolls of wrapping paper in my closet but usually, the rolls were leaning against the wall in a corner and ended up getting smashed and having to be thrown away. That all changed when I came across this great idea for storing wrapping paper in a garment bag. Now all of my wrapping paper is organized and hanging up. I even stuffed my ready-to-be-reused gift bags inside the garment bag next to the wrapping paper rolls.

3. Use a Toilet Paper Roll to Keep Wrapping Paper from Unrolling

Even if you’re storing your wrapping paper rolls in a garment bag, you don’t want them unrolling and the paper getting torn. A great hack for keeping wrapping paper neatly rolled is to cut an empty toilet paper roll in half and secure it around the wrapping paper roll with a rubberband. You won’t risk tearing the paper like can happen with tape or a rubber band without the toilet roll as a barrier. Your paper will stay neatly rolled and ready to use.

4. Plastic Apple Containers for Large Round Ornaments

If you love those shiny, round Christmas ornaments as much as I do, you probably also know how challenging they can be to store, especially when they are breakable. Erica Young recently wrote about storing small round ornaments in egg cartons, which is an idea I love! But I found many of my round ornaments were too large for the egg carton. For these, I found this hack, using plastic apple containers to hold larger Christmas bulbs. They keep the ornaments separated and safe. And they are the perfect size for those ornaments that are too big for an egg carton.

5. Bottled Water Bead Garland Container

I’m a big fan of bead garland for adding a little glitter and gold when I decorate for Christmas. I am not a fan of untangling the garland mess my haphazard storage results in when I want to decorate. Luckily, I came across this hack to organize and store holiday items and keep the bead garlands untangled. Even better, this cost me nothing because I always have at least one water bottle around the house. Simply laying the bead garland inside a water bottle and putting the lid on will have them ready to store and use tangle-free next year.

Packed Up and Ready for Next Year

Organizing and storing holiday items at the end of the season can be a tedious chore. The excitement of the holidays has passed and you just want things out of the way. But flinging everything into a box in a hurry creates more work for you next year. I hope using these hacks to organize and store your holiday items leaves you perfectly set up for easy use and unpacking next December.


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