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7 Clever Ways To Store Spices

It’s time to think beyond the traditional spice rack with these 7 clever ways to store spices. Whether you like your spices hidden away or displayed prominently, looking for a DIY project, or a quick option to buy, or have a small area to work with, you’re sure to find something perfect for your kitchen on this list!

store spices

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1. Use Magnets to Store Spices

store spices

Image Source: A Beautiful Mess

Using magnets is a fun way to display your spices and also saves space! Now you just need to decide where to put them? The fridge is an easy option, but if you simply add metal strips to  your kitchen, you can store your spices anywhere, even under the cabinets.

2. Create A Spice Drawer

If you are short on cabinet space consider using a drawer to store your spices. There are various drawer inserts to keep your spices organized. If you are trying to save money, you can even make your own!

spice drawer

Image Source:

organized spice drawer

Image Source: Bless’er House


3. Use a Lazy Susan

Using a Lazy Susan, or turntable, is a fast, easy way to store your spices.

spice cupboard

Image Source: May Days

3. Add Shelves

Whether you buy them or build them yourself, adding shelves to your spice cabinet makes sense. Instead of the spices getting stacked and lost, they are easy to see on their very own shelves.

spice cupboard with shelves

Image Source: Home Talk

3. Use the Pantry Door

If there are no free cabinets or drawers in your kitchen, use the inside of the pantry door.

Again, you can save money by making these shelves on your own, or find something similar in the stores.

spices on inside of pantry door

Image Source: The Stonybrook House

4. Upcycle a Pallet

If an old fashioned spice rack doesn’t match your decor, try your hand at this spice rack made from pallet wood which would look great in a modern farmhouse kitchen.

pallet spice rack

Image Source:


5. Display with Artwork

Make your spices part of your kitchen decor by displaying them prominently on your wall.

spice rack wall display

Image Source: The Honey Comb Home

6. Pull-Out Drawer

These narrow pull out drawers are the perfect size for storing spices. If you are in the process of planning out your new kitchen, be sure to add this cool feature.

pull out spice cupboard

Image Source: Val’s Creations

7. Under Cabinet Shelf

Adding a shelf under your cabinets is a great way to store spices. They are easy to reach, don’t take up a lot of room, and still leave lots of counter space for other things.

under cabinet spice shelf

Image Source: Jen Caputo

Whether you are building a new kitchen, or just re-organizing your current one, hopefully you will find the perfect way to store your spices in this list!

store spices

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