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7 Creative Ways to Store and Organize Your Makeup

Creative ways to organize makeup!

Makeup is something I use every day and am usually in a hurry to get to. Like many moms, my morning routine involves getting multiple people ready in a short amount of time. So I don’t have time to dig through an enormous drawer or three tier makeup case for the things I need to put my face on in the morning.

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When I got tired of having my makeup loose and spread across the counter or strewn in a drawer, I went in search of some better solutions. Here are some of the great makeup storage and organization ideas I’ve used to get my bathroom vanity area organized.


1. Magnetic Makeup Board

This simple DIY project involves framing a piece of metal and gluing small magnets to the back of your makeup essentials. You can add pretty paper to cover the metal and this easily becomes decorative as well. I love this idea because in a small bathroom this won’t use up any of your precious storage. And it keeps everything totally accessible.


2.  A Wine Rack to Store Hair Products

This is one of those ideas that is such genius I only wish I’d come across it sooner! I have curly crazy hair and I am always collecting new products to try and tame it. At any one time, I have at least five hair product bottles on my counter. A wine rack works perfectly for storing them and getting my counter cleared off.


3. Utensil Tray for Organizing a Makeup Drawer

Over the years my makeup has taken over more than one bathroom drawer. It has usually been a chaotic jumble I have to dig through to find what I need. Now that I am using a utensil tray to keep the drawer organized it is much easier to find what I need. This was such a simple, inexpensive solution and it’s made a huge difference. My compacts are also less likely to end up with broken lids or spilling now that they are neatly in a tray instead of rolling around loose.


4. Use a Cup or a Vase for Makeup Brushes

There are probably dozens of old household items you can convert into a makeup brush holder. A pen cup, and old mug, or a vase are just a few you could make use of. If you’re using a container wide enough for the brushes to be rattling around or leaning, you can fill the container with marbles or rice or sand to keep the brushes upright. It can also make a clear container more attractive.


5. A File Organizer for Displaying Palettes

If you have several makeup palettes for your eyeshadow or blush shades, a file organizer is a great way to display them so you can see what you have. This keeps them much more accessible than stacking them in a drawer or shelf.


6. Hanging Shoe Rack Storage

This is another great makeup storage idea that won’t take up your limited shelf and drawer space. Buy an inexpensive plastic shoe rack that hangs on the back of your door. You can sort your makeup into the little pockets. Even those of us with a large cosmetics collection should have plenty of space for all of their little bottles and tubes in one of these.


7. Tack Ribbon to the Side of a Drawer to Hold Bottles in Place

My favorite organization hacks are the simplest. This idea to tack a piece of ribbon to the side of your drawer to hold the various bottles and jars makeup comes in is so easy! It not only keeps your drawer organized and your products from spilling, with the right ribbon it is quite pretty.

Makeup and style products can be really fun if you enjoy playing around with different looks. But all those little jars, compacts, and palettes can be an organizational challenge. Implementing a few creative storage ideas can make a huge difference in keeping your beauty supplies organized and easily accessible.


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