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8 Gratitude Traditions for the Month of November

November is right around the corner and I have been trying to think of some ways to make the Thanksgiving holiday a little bit more meaningful for our family this year.  Unfortunately kids these days are developing a sense of entitlement and we need to counter it by teaching them to appreciate the people and things in their lives that will truly make them happy.  If you are looking for some new traditions for your family we have gathered up a few ideas for you.

1. Family Gratitude Jar

gratitude jar

This is a great idea that you and your family could use year after year.  Put your jar out on November 1st and throughout the month family members can add things to the jar that they are thankful for and then they can be shared at dinner on Thanksgiving day.

2. Gratitude Journal

gratitude journal
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A gratitude journal is a fantastic way to focus everyday on the things that you are grateful for in your life.  These prompts will help you to think outside of the box and not just about the typical things.  Besides writing a personal gratitude journal this month how can you incorporate these prompts into your family traditions?

3. The Gratitude Game

gratitude game

This idea is perfect for families with younger children.  You could play this on a family night in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving day or on the actual holiday.  The suggested prompts are simple enough for younger children or you could come up with prompts of your own for each color.

4. 10 Gratitude and Thanksgiving Books

gratitude books

Also for younger children incorporate some fun books about gratitude and Thanksgiving into your bedtime reading this month.  Children’s books are a wonderful way to teach your kids important concepts.

5. Gratitude Stones

gratitude stones

This is a cute and easy craft for all ages.  Gratitude stones can be used as conversation starters, to calm down strong feelings, or as part of a bedtime ritual.  They are also fun to share with others!

6. Thankful Tree

thankful tree

There are lots of cute thankful trees out there.  This is a way to incorporate an idea to express thanks with a fun fall decoration.  Leaves can be added all month long.  We love this one from One Creative Mommy. She has a full tutorial on how to make the tree and files for the leaves.

7. Gratitude Wall

wall of gratitude

Let’s face it–as moms we are busy. And even though we may have lots of good intentions life can get crazy.  This idea is great because there is very little preparation but it has a huge impact.  Some wrapping paper and markers are all you need to make a gratitude wall.

8. Have a Family Night

famiy night

Having a family night to talk about thankfulness is an important way to teach our children and have a really open converstion.  Here is a lesson, game, activity, and treat idea to help you plan the whole evening.

These ideas are perfect to get you started this month to teach your kids about gratitude.  But when the month comes to an end don’t give up! Teaching our kids that an attitude of gratitude will make them happy is an important concept the whole year long.  Check out our other post How to Teach Kids Gratitude for 5 simple ways.

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