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9 Easy 4th of July Cookies & Bars

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The best 4th of July cookies for a neighborhood party. No melted, chocolaty mess, kids love them, and they are familiar enough and popular enough, you won’t be going home with leftovers!

If you are invited to a neighborhood 4th of July party, bringing dessert can be awesome, and stressful. There have been a few summers where I spent time making something I thought was amazing, only to have the chocolate chips turn my contribution into a melted, embarrassing, mess.

So, I set out to find 9 perfect desserts, that were not only easy, but could also withstand the elements of being outside, even in the heat! Get some red, white, and blue sprinkles or sugar, and you will have everything you need!

Here the chocolate free, non melting, 4th of July treats for you!

Easy 4th of July cookies

4th of July Cookies

1) Red, white and blue Sprinkle cookies

From Simply Gloria, these cookies are my favorite! Not only do they look yummy, but they are made from a cake mix, which get’s an extra point for being easy!

4th of july cookies with a cake mix

2) Patriotic Whoopie Pies

These cookies (like the sprinkled, cake mix cookies above, but this time with FROSTING!!)

4th of july patriotic whoopie pies cookies and dessert

3) Patriotic Sugar Cookies with Fruit on Top

Even though there is fruit on these sugar cookies, I guarantee kids of all ages will go crazy for them! I love that berries are blue and red!! SO COOL.

4th of july desserts fruit cookies

4) US Flag Cookies

From Pillsbury, THIS is the easiest one on the list!! Simply take the pillsbury, pre-made cookie dough and roll each ball of cookie dough into different colored sugar! Arrange on a tray to resemble a flag.

flag cookies

5) 4th of July Spiral Cookies

I love these, and Crazy For Crust even shows an easy to follow video on Youtube to make them.

4th of july spiral cookies

6) 4th of July (round) cookies

These almost look like energy balls. I love the way these cookies keep their shape, and don’t spread. Just different, but still yummy.

4th of July Bars

7) Swirled Cookie Bars

These look festive from Butter with a Side of Bread. Check out the recipe here.

8) Red, White, and Blue Cookie bars

This Patriotic bar cookie recipe is interesting cause it has cream cheese in the cookies. I bet it makes them stay moist!

easy 4th of july dessert

9) 4th of July Rice Crispy Bars

There are some fun rice krispy treats that have food dyes and shaped like a flag, but look at how much easier this one is!! Sprinkles give it the only holiday flair it needs. Even easier, skip the cutting and the popsicle stick, and just sprinkle the bars right in the pan.

rice crispy 4th f july

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