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All About My Mom Printable Questions (Mother’s Day Gift Idea)

This All About My Mom printable questionnaire will make a great Mother’s Day keepsake gift for children to make.

This Mother’s Day fill in the blank questions for mom is perfect for preschoolers to fill out and gift as a gift to mom. We also have some fun Mother’s Day cactus coloring pages mom will love!

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Kids can complete the All About Mom questions without any help, or an adult can act as a scribe. Once filled out, the free printable can be framed or placed on the refrigerator so that mom has a keepsake she can keep forever.

All About Mom Printable Questionaire

all about mom printable questionnaire

This Mother’s Day fill in the blank worksheet includes plenty of space for kids to write and show mom how much they love her.

Who should fill out a Mom’s Printable? 

– Younger children who are old enough to write or can find someone with good writing skills

– Elementary and Middle School kids who can’t find the perfect gift that is meaningful

– Teachers, day care workers, older kids or other relatives can help younger kids fill out this free printable questionnaire form

​Who should give a questionnaire to mom for Mother’s Day

– Young kids who can’t go buy their mom something special for Mother’s Day

– Toddlers who can share info they love about their mom with others to help them fill it out

– Anybody who has a mother figure in their life that they want to share their memories and love for with a cute, unique, homemade meaningful gift idea

The Mother’s Day questionnaire includes:

  • Space for kids to put a picture of mom.
  • Space for kids to guess mom’s age. This usually brings a good laugh with the little kids.
  • They can put down what they think her favorite food, favorite color, and hobby is. A great way to see what kids pick up on.
  • They can let mom know what their favorite thing is to do with her. 
  • The last section is for the kids to write why they think mom is the best. This is a fun way to show mom how great she is when kids can’t always vocalize what they mean. 

Another fun aspect of the printable is that kids can color the small icons and images around the page to make it even more fun. They can get creative and it just makes it a little more special.

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What I love about the All About My Mom questions is that kids can say the darnedest things. You really never know what they are going to say so the responses they put down on the questionnaire can be quite funny.

I remember when my kiddos brought home a fun printable worksheet like this that they did while they were in preschool. Most of the questions they answered were completely crazy, but that is what made it such a wonderful keepsake for me.

We still look at it and laugh at the answers they put down.

How to print the questionnaire for Mom

To print, all you need is a printer and a regular-sized piece of paper (8.5″x 11″).

All About My Mom Printable with questions for kids to answer about mom for Mother's Day
Click the link below to download and print your mom worksheet for your young kids to fill out this year.

Get the free Mother’s Day printable here.

If you love this All About Mom questionnaire, be sure to do the kids’ questionniare for Father’s Day too!

And remember that this is for personal use only.

Pro Tip: Be sure to hold on to this Everything About Mom page. It’s a fun activity for young children and it’s cute to look back on in 5, 10, 15, or even 20 years and see what kinds of answers your kids gave. It’s so much fun to reminisce on the silly things and sweet answers the kids say. To press this paper easily, stick it in between two pages of a heavy book and press it. It can be helpful to place a weight on a lighter book if you need to press it differently. Then you can store this with other school projects or other cards and things your kids give you over the years that you actually want to save.  

What other questions could you add to an all about mom printable to give mom for Mothers’s Day

To make an all about mom printable even more special for Mother’s Day, here are some additional questions you could include in your fun gift:

1. What is your favorite memory with mom?

2. What is the best advice you’ve ever received from mom?

3. What is something mom always says to you?

4. What is mom’s favorite hobby or pastime?

5. What is something mom is really good at?

6. What is your favorite thing to do together with mom?

7. What is the funniest thing mom has ever done?

8. What is something mom always makes for you that you love?

9. What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from mom?

10. Describe mom in three words.

These questions will not only help capture precious memories and insights about mom, but they will also make her feel loved and appreciated on Mother’s Day. Remember to leave enough space for the child to answer each question, and don’t forget to let the kids use their own words to answer these questions.

You can easily turn this great keepsake into a grandma version for another special day.​

Tips for Letting Kids Use This Mother’s Day Craft:

1. Encourage creativity: Let the kids use their own words and imagination to answer the questions. This will make the craft more personal and heartfelt.

2. Provide guidance: While it’s important to let the kids express themselves freely, offer some guidance if they need help understanding the questions or coming up with answers. Give examples or prompts to spark their creativity.

3. Set up a comfortable space: Create a calm and cozy environment where the kids can sit and think about their answers. This will help them focus and come up with meaningful responses to the Mother’s day Interview Questions

4. Use age-appropriate questions: Consider the age of the child when choosing the fun questions. Younger children might need simpler questions, while older children can handle more complex prompts on this creative activity.

5. Allow enough time: Give the kids ample time to think and write their answers. Rushing them might result in shallow or incomplete responses. Let them take breaks if needed and come back to it later.

6. Provide materials: Make sure the kids have all the necessary materials for the craft, such as paper, colored pencils, markers, or stickers. This will make the activity more engaging and enjoyable for them.

7. Offer guidance on presentation: Encourage the smaller kids to make their craft visually appealing. They can decorate the paper with drawings, add colors, or use stickers to make it special for their mom.

8. Emphasize the importance of sincerity: While this is totally a fun idea, remind the kids that the purpose of this craft is to show their love and appreciation for their mom. Encourage them to be sincere and heartfelt in their answers to these super simple questions.

9. Allow for privacy: If possible, give the kids some privacy when they are working on the craft. This will allow them to freely express their thoughts and emotions without feeling self-conscious.

10. Celebrate the finished craft: Once the kids have completed their Mother’s Day craft, celebrate their hard work and creativity. Display it in a prominent place or present it to mom as a special gift. This will make the kids feel proud of their accomplishment and enhance the joy of Mother’s Day.

Pro Tip: You can print a blank template of these out at home or send them to a local print shop company for some extra cost. OR, you could copy the questions and have some of the older kids use blank paper to write out the questions and answers and then decorate the pages for Mom. Homemade gifts always bring a little extra value and meaning to your gift.

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