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All About My Mom Printable Questions (Mother’s Day Gift Idea)

This All About My Mom printable questionnaire will make a great Mother’s Day keepsake gift for children to make.

This Mother’s Day fill in the blank questions for mom is perfect for preschoolers to fill out and gift as a gift to mom. We also have some fun Mother’s Day cactus coloring pages mom will love!

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Kids can complete the All About Mom questions without any help, or an adult can act as a scribe. Once filled out, the free printable can be framed or placed on the refrigerator so that mom has a keepsake she can keep forever.

All About Mom Printable Questionaire

all about mom printable questionnaire

This Mother’s Day fill in the blank worksheet includes plenty of space for kids to write and show mom how much they love her.

The Mother’s Day questionnaire includes:

  • Space for kids to put a picture of mom.
  • Space for kids to guess mom’s age.
  • They can put down what they think her favorite food, color, and hobby is.
  • They can let mom know what their favorite thing is to do with her.
  • The last section is for the kids to write why they think mom is the best.

Another fun aspect of the printable is that kids can color the small icons and images around the page to make it even more fun. They can get creative and it just makes it a little more special.

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What I love about the All About My Mom questions is that kids can say the darnedest things. You really never know what they are going to say so the responses they put down on the questionnaire can be quite funny.

I remember when my kiddos brought home a fun printable worksheet like this that they did while they were in preschool. Most of the questions they answered were completely crazy, but that is what made it such a wonderful keepsake for me.

We still look at it and laugh at the answers they put down.

How to print the questionnaire for Mom

To print, all you need is a printer and a regular-sized piece of paper (8.5″x 11″).

All About My Mom Printable with questions for kids to answer about mom for Mother's Day

Click the link below to download and print.

Get the free Mother’s Day printable here.

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