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All About My Dad Printable: Free Father’s Day Gift for Dad & Grandpa

This fun All About My Dad free printable is perfect for kids to fill out and give to dad or grandpa as a fun Father’s Day gift.

Since we did an All About Mom printable that kids could fill out and give to mom, I thought it would be fun to do a special one just for Father’s Day.

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There is nothing funnier than hearing what kids think about their parents, especially when it comes to things like guessing their age, favorites, and preferred hobbies. This father’s day questionaire is sure to reveal some hilarious and sweet answers!

All about my dad free printable

Pair this printable with our DIY rock frame or a funny Father’s Day Tshirt and you have the perfect gift for dad!

If you are looking for a more in-depth journal to help your dad tell his story, check out this free printable set of Questions to Ask Your Dad where he gives the answers about his life!

mockup of free printable questions to ask your dad with tools in the background

All About My Dad Questions

The Father’s Day questionnaire includes:

  • Space for kids to put a picture of dad along with his name. For more fun, have the kids draw a picture of dad!
  • Space for kids to guess dad’s age.
  • Space to write what they think dad’s superpower is.
  • A space to include dad’s favorite hobby or something he really likes to do.
  • A place for kids to write how he makes them laugh.
  • The last section is for the kids to write why they think he is the best.

I did include a questionnaire for grandpa to go along with the dad questionnaire because we don’t want grandpa to be left out of the celebrations!

This is also something that can be given to grandpa for Grandparent’s Day!

The grandfather version has the same questions, just geared towards grandpa and not dad.

It’ll be fun to see what kind of answer the kids come up with, sometimes the answers are just too crazy and funny!

How to print:

To print this Father’s Day printable all you need is a printer and a regular-sized piece of paper (8.5″x 11″). Nothing fancy.

Get the free Father’s Day printable here.

Two All About Dad and Grandpa printable questions worksheets on blue background

I wish I could see of all your little one’s answers simply because you never know what kids will come up with!

If you have your child answer the questions, please come back and let me know what their answers were!

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