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Thoughtful and Easy Gift Ideas For Birth Mothers

Birth Mother’s Day is May 8th. If you have had the blessing of adopting a child than these thoughtful and easy gift ideas for Birth Mother’s Day are just what you need.

Birth Mother’s Day falls on the Saturday before Mother’s Day each year. This day is to celebrate the birth mothers of adopted children.

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In our house we have been blessed with 4 children. Our first and last children are biological. Our 2 middle children we were blessed to adopt.

Birth Mother’s Day is something we like to observe every year. It’s an important day to show our thanks and love for these dear mothers. The way we celebrate these mothers varies from year to year. With that in mind here are several thoughtful and easy ideas for gifts.

Gift Ideas for Birth Mothers

Writing a Letter

An amazing birth mother gift can be as simple as a hand written letter. You can hand deliver the letter if your circumstances allow for it or send the letter in the mail.

This letter can be written by you or by your child. What birth mother wouldn’t love a hand written letter or a picture that your child drew.

It’s sure to make your child’s birth mother feel appreciated and thought of. As well as being something that can be read over and over again.


Send an email

Letters in the mail are fantastic but an email may be more practical if you don’t know your birth mother’s address or if you are going through an agency.

The great thing about an email is how easy it is to attach files. So you can send a family picture or attach a photo of an award that the child won. It’s also a great way to send video clips.

This format easily allows you or your child to respond if the birth mother has follow up questions. Or if you asked questions in your email she can quickly respond back.

Send a Text Message

Sending a text message may seem a little impersonal. Yet, depending on your relationship with the birth mother it may be just the right thing.

A text message will still let the birth mother know you are thinking of her. Also, you can add the same thoughts as you would in a letter or email.

Texting also allows you to easily send pictures and video. You can even take pictures of your child’s trophies or awards to attach.

One time I sent one of our birth mothers through text a note from my son’s teacher saying how fabulous he was in class. I think it’s fun to share good news about your child with their birth mother.

Make a Phone Call

Next to texting, a phone call is one of the easiest things to do for your birth mother. If it’s appropriate for your situation.

A phone call is a great way for you to exchange information with them in a setting where they can ask questions or tell you how they are doing.

Depending on your circumstances you may even have your child talk to their birth mother as well.

It is a sure way to let your birth mother know you are thinking of them and appreciate them.

Make a Photo Book

This has been one of my go to thoughtful and easy gift ideas for birth mothers. You can use an online service to make a memorable photo book for their birth mother.

I have done a photo book by the year and by the grade. You could also do one that highlights a sport they have been in. Maybe you want to make one about a trip you all went on.

Adding pictures alone makes for a special book. Want to spice it up? Add memories of your child or favorite quotes and sayings.

By adding pictures of your child and filling it with memories of them it’s sure to be a treasured gift.

To get started you can check out websites like Shutterfly, Blurb and Picaboo.



This thoughtful and easy gift idea is to give a calendar. Now this is not your ordinary calendar. It’s more of a month by month list of events, happenings and pictures.

You could label each month and then list by bullet point the interesting things that went on that month. Vacations, sporting events and parties would all be welcome additions to your calendar.

A Thoughtful Gratitude List

What better way to let someone know you are thankful for them than by listing all the reasons why you are grateful for them.

From the wonderful things about your child to the opportunity they gave you to be their mother. There are many things to express gratitude for.

My Book about Me

We gave this to our birth mothers one year. It’s a fun book with fill in the blank pages.

Each page asks questions about the person. For example, you get to write what your hair looks like and how big your hand is.

They are just fun get to know you type things. We had our birth mothers fill them out about themselves and send it back to us.

This way our boys would have something with more information about their birth mother in a fun format.

It would also be fun to have your child fill the book out to send to the birth mother. Its a thoughtful and easy gift that can be found on Amazon.

Make an Easy Short Video

My photos app on my phone likes to send me little videos it makes from my photos. Why not send a thoughtful and easy to make video like that to your child’s birth mother.

You could add photos from the past month, the past year or from birth. The choice is yours.

I have a special place in my heart for children who were adopted and their birth mothers. Don’t let May 8th pass by without using one of these thoughtful and easy gift ideas for Birth Mothers. It will truly be appreciated.

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