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Non-Stuff Gift Guide For Mother’s Day

With the increasing popularity of the KonMari Method, simplifying, and tiny living, people are spending more time getting rid of stuff and are hesitant to bring new items into their home. If your mom is concerned about only keeping items that spark joy and not adding to her clutter, she probably doesn’t want any “stuff” for Mother’s Day.

Useful Gifts for Mother’s Day

Even if you’ve got an organized mom that’s trying to reduce clutter, it doesn’t meanmean you can’t buy her a thoughtful gift. It just means you’ll need to buy her a “non-stuff” gift! Here is our gift guide for  Mother’s Day to get you started.

Flowers or Plants

gift guide for moms
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Photo by Suzette Jamy on Unsplash

A beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers is always a hit for Mother’s Day. Flowers are a splurge so it shows mom how much you care! They smell wonderful and make the whole house feel happy. Plus, they won’t add any permanent clutter to mom’s space.

If mom is a gardener, pick up some annuals! Plants will brighten up the yard or patio and give your mom a chance to spend more time enjoying one of her hobbies. Even if mom doesn’t love to garden, annuals are still an option: just make sure you include your services as a gardener to plant the flowers!

Gourmet Chocolate or Treats

Photo by Egor Lyfar on Unsplash

Now when I say gourmet chocolate, I mean get the fancy, expensive stuff (if it’s in your budget). Mom does not want a Kit Kat bar. Okay, maybe she does because Kit Kat’s are delicious. But if you have the means, hop up to the next price point for chocolate.

Pick something that comes in a fancy gold box, or head to a high-end candy store. If there aren’t any candy stores around, order something online. Mom will appreciate the extra time you took and the extra money you spent.


Again, we not talking a can of Chock Full o’ Nuts here, we are talking about roasted to order fancy coffee like this. If mom is a coffee lover, buy her some good quality beans or grounds to make her morning coffee a little more special. She’ll think of you each morning as she pours herself a cup!

A Meal

mothers day gift guide

Image by Nenad Maric from Pixabay

If mom is the one who handles most of the meals, skip a present and take her out to eat instead. She’ll love not having to prepare and clean up after a delicious meal!

Spa Day

Image by andreas160578 from Pixabay

Gift cards can seem a little impersonal, but I think most moms would love a gift card for some pampering time! There are a variety of places and services to choose from so you should be able to find something that fits your budget.

A morning at the local nail salon to get a pedicure is a great gift. A gift card for a massage is also usually a big hit. You can even grab a gift certificate for a spa that offers multiple services with a variety of massages, facials, skin treatments and more. Mom will love her time away to rejuvenate and she will truly know how much you appreciate everything she does.

Hopefully, this list will help you find the perfect “non-stuff” gift to help your mom have a happy Mother’s Day!

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