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How to Make Your Graduation Gift Memorable

A graduation is a huge milestone in someone’s life. So let’s make it as memorable as possible with an awesome graduation gift!

There are all kinds of great gifts out there that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Whether you want to keep it practical with money or make it a gift that can be used for a lifetime. This list has you covered.

Memorable Graduation Gifts

Year Specific Gifts

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A great gift would be one that has the year of the graduation right on it! You can help your grad always remember their big day by giving a gift specificially for 2021.

2021 Toilet Paper

A roll of embroidered toilet paper that says,

I think getting a roll of toilet paper for graduation would be pretty memorable. Add the year on to it and BOOM! You’ve got yourself a spectacular grad gift.

You can find embroidered toilet paper like the one above on places like There are all kinds of sayings out there to put on your TP so you can share whatever message you would like with the grad.

Christmas Ornament

A Christmas ornament that is a cap and tassel with a diploma and gold stars.

If you put up a Christmas tree every year then a Christmas ornament could be the perfect gift. It’s something that will be pulled out year after year to put up on the tree.

As if that cap, tassel and diploma ornament isn’t fabulous enough you get to personalize it. Add a name, year and place of graduation to make this a GREAT gift.

Christmas ornament that says,

Next to 2020 this year of 2021 was quite the doozy. It made for some pretty unforgettable quotes and moments.

That’s what makes this ornament so fun to give as a gift. It commemorates the actual graduation as well as all of the things that made that specific year so CRAZY.

Phone Case

One thing we know all grads have is a phone. So you can’t go wrong by gifting them a new phone case with their special year on it.

iPhone case in black with confetti that says,
Galaxy phone case with the words,

Personalized Gifts


We always joke about how socks are such a bad gift. Before you pass judgement on socks as a grad gift you have to check out these socks…

A pair of socks that say,

I loved them as soon as I saw them. Not only do they have the graduation year on them but you can have your graduates FACE. Awesome.

They’ll have to remember their big day when they wear their special socks!


Who doesn’t love a soft cozy blanket. When you give a personalized blanket every time they snuggle up for a movie or bed they can be reminded of their special day.

A cream blanket that looks like a piece of lined paper with a personalized message on it.

There are all kinds of blankets you can personalize. From their name and graduation year to their high school and picture on the front.

My most favorite blanket is the one pictured above. You can personalize it with an entire letter written to the graduate. It can’t get much more memorable than that.

Lego Mini-Figure

Whether a personalized Lego mini-figure is the gift itself of just on top of the gift, it’s sure to be a big hit. You can choose one that looks like a graduate in cap and gown with a diploma. This particular one lets you choose which face you would like on your mini-figure.

Lego mini-figure in cap and gown with a diploma.

Or opt for a more personalized one (minus the cap and gown) where you can choose the hair, face and clothes. Next, you can add your own text which could include their name and where they are graduating from as well as the year. Super personal and unforgettable. That’s a win win in my book.

Lego mini-figures with personalized names.

Memorable Money Gifts

The fact of the matter is we all LOVE getting cash as a gift. That way we can get what we really want or need. Rather than just hand a check over try one of these creative ways to give the gift of money.

A Funny Card

A card that says,

I {heart} this card. Let’s be honest, the recipient may just want to get to the good stuff. A fun and funny card can be just as meaningful as something that is personalized.

Money Cake (non-edible)

A 3 layered money cake in black and gold.

How about giving a big beautiful non-edible cake in your grad’s school colors. This cake comes from (DiapeCakeGenieGifts).

It has one hundred dollars in one dollar bills. It’s obviously a non-edible cake but I don’t think anyone will mind.

Money Lei

Say aloha with a money lei. This gift is something that could be worn to graduation. It also makes for some good photos with the old cap and gown on.

There are a variety of money leis out there. Many will incorporate school colors, a name or even the graduation year.

A girl in a white cap and gown wearing a money lei.

Last but Not Least

A Bundle of Letters

I think one of the sweetest gifts I’ve ever heard of is the bundle of letters. To give this gift you would write the recipient letters for different circumstances.

For example, you could label each letter, “Open When…” and then fill in the blank with things like, when you are sad or when you need a shoulder to cry on.

Other ideas would be, “Open when you are homesick”. Or, “Open when you are frustrated”. How about, “Open when you need a laugh”. Then inside the letter you would leave a thought, quote or message for the grad to read at that time.

Photos Through the Year

High school and college days can be filled with tons of fun memories. Why not gift the grad pictures from their years in school.

For my son’s graduation we took his school pictures from preschool until his senior year and compiled them for him.

We all had such a good time remembering haircuts and first day of school shoes and seeing how much he has grown and changed.

You could put these pictures into a book using an online service like Picaboo or Shutterfly. You could add them to an actual photo album. Or you could just have printed copies to place around his room or home.

When someone has finished a feat such as graduating they deserve to be celebrated BIG. You can go with a fun/funny gift or a touching sentimental gift. Either way your gift will be memorable and your grad will be glad to be congratulated.

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