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Choosing Storage Containers For Your Pantry

In the mood to spring clean early? Why not start in the pantry. Here are things to consider when getting storage containers for your pantry.

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In the mood to spring clean early? Why not start in the pantry. Here are things to consider when choosing storage containers for your pantry.

Size and Quantity

The first step in getting containers to organize your pantry is knowing the sizes you need. So pull out your measuring tape and get your dimensions. I found that I needed shorter containers for my shelves and wanted longer ones for my corner cupboard. Having the dimensions on hand when I started shopping made the process so much FASTER.

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Now that you know the sizes you need it’s time to decide the quantity. You’ll want to take into consideration the amount of space in your pantry for containers and also the amount of product in your pantry that you want stored in a container. Often you will find the containers sold in multiples so knowing your quantity will help you not over buy. Once you have decided the size and quantity of storage containers you are well on your to having an organized pantry.

To See Through Or Not To See Through

When choosing storage containers for your pantry you can go with a clear container, a solid (non clear) container or a wire basket. I chose to go with clear containers because for me out of sight is out of mind. I didn’t want to forget about that can of pumpkin that is hiding at the back of my pantry. By storing my food in clear containers it’s easier for me to see what’s going on in there.

If you like the clean uniform look then a solid (non clear) container may be the way for you to go. Like these woven baskets from Amazon.

If you are a wire basket kind of person check out these baskets from Target. Wire baskets still allow you to see what’s going on in there and create some uniformity.

Hand Pulls and Nubs

Not all pantry storage containers are created equal. Some come with hand holds and some do not. This may not be a life changing decision to make but it is something to consider. Some of my containers will be used multiple times a day to get things out of so I want to make sure it’s convenient. A hand hold can make getting to things at the back of your container much smoother as you slide the container in and out.

Some containers also have little nubs on the bottom corners that raise it slightly off the shelf. These are useful so that you aren’t rubbing the bottom of your container across your shelf each time you pull it out. A word of caution…when sliding the container with the nubs back in be sure that you lift it a little. Otherwise you will catch those nubs repeatedly on the lip of your shelf (this advice comes from personal experience and a few nicks on the lip of my shelves).

An organized pantry brings surprisingly great satisfaction. I find myself opening the pantry door just to gaze at my containers and the zen feeling they bring. So get your size, quantity, and style in mind and then get to choosing storage containers for your pantry.

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