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Under Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas

Even the most organized person is often flummoxed by what to do with the cabinet under the kitchen sink. Despite our best efforts, this spot ends up a cluttered, unsightly, mess. Which can be frustrating because it’s one of the most used cabinets in the kitchen! Here are a few tips to keep this challenging area nice and tidy.

Under Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas

Look, no one likes organizing under the kitchen sink.  Here are some awesome under kitchen sink organization ideas to get you inspired.

Start with a bright shelf liner

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under the kitchen sink

Source: I heart Organizing

Use a brightly colored shelf liner, or in this case gift wrap, to protect the cabinet and bring in a little color and cheer to an otherwise boring cabinet. If you use gift wrap, cover it with clear contact paper to make it easy to clean.

Use clear and stackable drawers

kitchen sink organization

Source: Just a Girl and Her Blog

These clear acrylic drawers are actually meant for cosmetics, but they are great for under the kitchen sink. Their stackable feature saves space, and it’s easy to see what’s inside. We love how they are the perfect size for sponges and cloths.

Utilize every nook and cranny

under the kitchen sink

Source: A Bowl Full of Lemons

This cabinet pulls a lot of weight thanks to the clever use of space. Shelves on the cabinet doors, steel stackable storage, and hooks on the inner walls ensure that every square inch is utilized. Extra points if you decide to color coordinate your cleaning supplies!

Use curtain rods for plastic bags

garbage bags

Source: Martha Stewart

A big box of plastic trash bags can take up a lot of precious cabinet space, instead, use the inside of a cabinet door by hanging wooden dowels. Here are the directions from Martha Stewart, “Cut a length of 1/2-inch dowel slightly longer than the bags’ width. Screw a set of 3/4-inch curtain-rod brackets from the hardware store into the inside of the cabinet door. Slide the roll of bags onto the dowel, then suspend it from the brackets.”

Hooks are your friend

organizing under the kitchen sink

Source: Martha Stewart

Another genius way to use the inside of the cabinet door is with a couple of simple hooks. You can let kitchen rags and dish gloves hang here to dry without cluttering up your sink area.

Keep it simple

baskets under sink

Source: The Home Edit

If you’re overwhelmed by all the storage possibilities – just keep it simple! All you need is a few stackable cubbies like these to get everything in order. And we love the acrylic “lazy Suzan” storage for sponges.

Are you inspired and ready to get going?  Check out our step by step guide on how to organize under the kitchen sink!

Organizing Tips for Under the Kitchen Sink

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