Christmas Ornaments To Remember 2020

What better way to end this crazy year of 2020 then with an ornament for your tree. From toilet paper to face masks here are Christmas ornaments to remember 2020.

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What better way to end this crazy year of 2020 then with an ornament for your tree. From toilet paper to face masks here are Christmas ornaments to remember 2020.

2020 Mask Christmas Ornaments

Let’s get things started with the most memorable thing we all see each day. Masks! You can find ornaments like the one pictured below on There are several variations of this ornament that include personalizing how many people around your tree or adding a caption. However, you could also take one of your masks you have lying around and use the already handy loops to plop it on your tree.

There is nothing I love smelling and eating at Christmas more than gingerbread! Therefore, this little guy is a must for a 2020 Christmas ornament. His masked little gingerbread face will always be a reminder of the craziness that was 2020. AjproductsUS

Maybe you want to remember for years to come the reason for the mask (as if we could forget). This virus with a mask and the year 2020 might be just what you need. This beauty can be purchased on Amazon.

Finally, my MOST favorite mask ornament of all is the Grinch 2020 stink, stank, stunk! The way the Grinch is holding the mask by his fingertips like it’s truly vile is so hilarious to me. Furthermore, though there were good moments this year the words stink, stank, stunk really do seem to sum things up nicely! I will be purchasing this guy for my own tree.

Toilet Paper 2020 Christmas Ornaments

What?!? Toilet paper??? What does toilet paper have to do with a pandemic. Does the virus cause explosive diarrhea? Either way I have learned my lesson and have a supply of TP tucked away in my basement. This little toilet paper ornament will bring back memories for years to come of seeing the word toilet paper on Costco’s big “out of stock” white board.

You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. Amen to that!

How about a tree of TP? This guy can even be personalized. You can choose “Toilet Paper Hoarder”, “Toilet Paper Queen”, “This Is How We Roll”, “Toilet Paper Hunt”, “Quarantined”, or “Covid-19”. Check it out at

All Encompassing 2020 Ornaments

There is A LOT to remember about the year 2020. You’ll want to check out these all encompassing ornaments to make sure you don’t forget a thing.

Just looking at this next ornament reminds me of ALL the things that were different and changed this year. Reading through this list each Christmas would really bring back some memories.

My Personal Favorites

I have a top 3 for my personal favorite ornaments. As I have already mentioned I am LOVING the Grinch stink, stank, stunk ornament. My other two favorites are….

First, this 2020 very bad, would not recommend ornament. One star. That feels about right. This makes me laugh every time I look at it.

Last but certainly not least. The dumpster fire. The best part about this one for me is the words because this is fine. I’m fine. PlumDandyGoods

But most of all, with all that has happened this year it must be remembered forever more each Christmas when you set up your tree. Whether your mask is a permanent part of your daily wardrobe, you missed your toilet paper, or you just need an ornament to make you smile. You definitely need a Christmas ornament to remember 2020!


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