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Tips to Clean Exterior Windows Yourself!

It’s the perfect time of year to clean exterior windows.  There’s something about fall that makes me want to clean all the windows of my house! It’s probably because when the weather starts getting chilly, we spend more time inside and I notice just how dirty the windows have gotten. Nothing ruins a pretty view of fall leaves like a dirty window. So I like to get them all shined up in the fall! Cleaning exterior windows is really pretty simple. Here’s a step by step guide:  clean exterior windows

The Tools

clean windows

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If you’ll be cleaning the windows of your home yourself, it’s worth the money to invest in the right tools. Here’s what you’ll need:

If you live on one floor, you may not need the extension pole. If you choose to use a ladder for your second floor and you can reach them easily, you won’t need the extension pole. Also, you don’t necessarily need a window cleaning tool. A sponge will work just fine. However, the one tool you really must use is a squeegee! It’s the perfect tool for drying the windows quickly and with no streaks!

The Soap

clean exterior windows

There are plenty of cleaning solutions on the market specifically for cleaning windows. Personally, I just use blue dish soap and I am happy with the results. (I would not recommend using blue glass cleaner. Outside windows get pretty caked with dirt and grime and the glass cleaner just won’t be enough to cut through it all). Make sure you add enough soap to the water. You want to have a nice coating of soapy water on the window. If it looks like more water than soap and drips right off, add more soap.

Start with Trim

The first step is taking some time to clean the trim and window sill.

Wash the Windows

wash windows

Starting with the top half, begin cleaning your window. You want to work in sections so the soap doesn’t starting drying on the window before you have a chance to squeegee it off; otherwise, it will leave soap spots. Get your sponge or cleaning tool soapy and then squeeze out excess. You want to avoid the cleaning solution dripping down the window as you are cleaning. Soap up the window, making sure to get into all the corners. Use some elbow grease if there are particularly dirty spots.

Dry the Windows

wash windows

Start at the top and squeegee off the soapy water working from left to right. Dry your squeegee off in between swipes. Use the microfiber cloth to dry off the edges of the window where the squeegee was not able to reach.


There you have it! Your windows will now be clean! And you can clean exterior windows yourself! This process is quick and easy, plus it’s super fun to use the squeegee! Once you’re done all the windows, you’ll have a beautiful view of the colder months.

clean exterior windows

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