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Cleaning Schedule for School Age Kids

kids washing dishes

There are lots of great reasons to have your children help out around the house. Chores help kids learn responsibility and teach them that families work together to maintain a home. Some families pay for housework, which teaches kids that hard work is rewarded and also helps them to manage money. Practically speaking, requiring your children to take part in the cleaning helps them to learn the proper way to clean things so that when they eventually leave the nest, they’ll know how to take care of their new place.

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To figure out what your child will be responsible for cleaning, start by asking them what they’d like to do! My kids love to handwash dishes and windex the sliding glass door. To them it’s fun! You might also see what jobs they do in their classroom, to see how much they are capable of.

Here are some examples of jobs to put on their cleaning schedule:

-Empty small trashcans

-Clean inside of windows

-Clean fronts of appliances

-Sweep floors

-Set and Clear Table

-Sort Laundry

-Fold Laundry

-Straighten Room

-Make Bed

Some of these may not work for your family depending on your routine and the age of your child, but it will give you some ideas to get started.

Check out this post that will help you brainstorm more ideas to figure out what chores you’d like your child to do. The post also includes a list of questions to ask yourself before you create a cleaning schedule.

Once you’ve decided which tasks your child will be responsible for, it’s time to create their cleaning schedule! This can be as simple as jotting down their chores, or you can type them up and add pictures.

Click here for your free printable: Cleaning Schedule for Kids

Or, you can use our printable! We’ve created a cleaning schedule that elementary school age child can easily follow! This schedule clearly lays out daily and weekly and monthly tasks that your child will be responsible for. Use the chart however you like, highlighting, circling, or underlining chores for your child depending on what works best in your home.

To encourage and remind your child to do their chores, post their responsibilities prominently so they know just what to do!

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