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Many people have asked me what is the simplest way to get a family (especially a large one) organized.  My answer is always color coding!  There are so many things you can get organized, and create order in your home just by simply assigning colors and sticking to them.  If the children are old enough you can ask them what their favorite color is and use that, if they are younger you can assign it yourself.  Don’t forget a color for Mom & Dad too!

Schedules – This is probably the most obvious one.  Each family member’s appointments and tasks are written in their color so it is easy to see at a glance who needs to go where.  In Daily Home Planner this is very easy as when you enter a family member you have to assign them a color.

Stuff – You can purchase tooth brushes in their color, backpacks, journals, anything that you will be buying for every member for the family, even sheets.  This will prevent fights over who’s is this (unless you are my 2 year old who thinks that EVERYTHING is hers).  Mainly it will help you keep track of what’s what without having to search for a name.

Chores – When you do laundry you can place the children’s clothes in bins marked (either with a label you’ve colored, or different colored bins) with their color.  You will easily be able to see who hasn’t put their laundry away yet, and it will be easy to sort the clothes.

Paperwork – Homework, permission slips and any other type of paper that the kids need can go in color coded folders.

The benefit for smaller families – Now if you really don’t have a problem keeping track of your kids belongings (because you only have 1) then you can still benefit from the color coding process!  Schedules still need to be coordinated (even if it is just your husband, you and your child).  Laundry still must be sorted.  And even Trevor and I need to keep our toothbrushes sorted out.

Pick your colors today and stop the “Who’s is this?” question!

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  • We started color coding our family when our twin boys were born. They are 3 & 4 of six kids! Being as we could not look at them and tell them apart it was necessary to put bracelets on their wrist and dress them in different colors. To this day they are Blue or Green 🙂 Really made a difference in our family.

  • Lori – That is soo funny! I always figured that at least the parents of twins could tell them apart, but that is sooo interesting to me! Do they ever switch shirts to confuse you?

  • This idea of color coding works very well for us. Our youngest is 2yrs. old, she is able to set out plates, bowls and cups for her siblings at each meal times. (Only if she wishes too.)

  • We color-code too! My mom color coded her seven children, so I grew up with it. We even have one recent family portrait where each of us wore our color, and our spouses & children also wore our color… Made it easy to tell who belonged to whom.

    In our house now, my six children are color coded in everything from plates & cups, to backpacks, to clothing, to bedding. If something doesn’t come in all colors, we label it with their color. I note things on our calendars in their color. The best is marking clothing. Every item of clothing is marked with a dot of fabric paint near the tag (or collar or waistband if there is no tag), and socks are marked on one toe. If something is handed down, we just add new fabric paint on top of the old. Everyone in our house, and even friends and non-family helpers can sort the laundry. Most of my kids have learned their colors by first knowing who has that color. We still tell our 3-year old twins things like “go put this in the garbage can that is D’s color”, because they’re more likely to get it right than if we tell them the garbage can is green. 🙂

  • Hi I found your site by a search on color coding. I too color code with a family of 6, it just makes things easier. I also designed a cup that changes colors and can also be personalized with names. So no more trying to find that one cup with your color/name. All cups can be changed to your name. Its called the MyColourCup, check it out.

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