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Creative Father’s Day Gifts for the Dads in Your Life

Father’s Day is on the horizon. With that, children of all ages are on the quest for the perfect gifts for their dads and father figures in their lives. While some kids are lucky enough to think of the most unique present for their dads, some of us are often left wondering what the heck to get for our dads. If you are one of the latter, here are some ideas for creative Father’s Day gifts:

Help Him Connect to the Past

creative father's day gifts

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DNA testing kits for lineage lines such as Ancestry DNA or 23andme, can make a special gift for dad that can help him learn more about his family’s heritage and where they immigrated from. Ancestry tends to run sales around Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, which gives family members the chance to pick up a kit for a loved one. There are other DNA kits on the market as well. Most of them will do the same thing, break down heritage lines and estimate percentages of which country immigrants are in his family’s blood. I did this last year for my own father (Ancestry DNA) and he was able to find cousins he didn’t know he had before.

A Box of Hobbies

creative father's day gifts

The magic of the internet has allowed people to buy gifts for family and friends, even when they don’t live nearby. Monthly subscription boxes are a fun way to take something that your father loves and have a box of goodies sent to him every month so that he can test new products and enjoy a surprise. When the box shows up each month, he will be able to think of you as the special person that gifted the boxes to him. Some example of subscriptions boxes include beer of the month clubs, cooking boxes, socks of the month club and boxes for men that enjoy fishing. Try searching online for a box themed after something your dad loves.

Personalized Outerwear

creative father's day ideas

Think about buying your dad a personalized piece of jewelry, such as a watch or tie clip. Ask the jeweler if they can put an inscription on the inside of it, with a few loving words or maybe even something that only you and your dad will get, such as an inside joke or a special time you had together. Children’s names and grandchildren’s names always make for nice inscriptions too. If your dad isn’t into such things, consider personalizing a tee-shirt or baseball cap on a site such as Custom Ink or Personalization Mall. You can add pictures of the family or fun phrases like “World’s Best Dad” or “Master BBQ Griller” on them, making them unique to your dad and his personality.

Take a Load Off His Plate

creative father's day gifts

It seems like dads are always busy helping around the house or doing any number of other chores for their loved ones. From changing the oil in your car to servicing his own tools and equipment, think about purchasing your dad vouchers or gift certificates to places such as lube station for oil changes, car detailing establishments, a pet groomer for his beloved furry friend or maybe even a barbershop. All of these little things take up a lot of his time and sometimes take a chunk out of his wallet too. Buying him vouchers for these things will give him more time to do the things he really wants to do.

Creative Father's Day Gifts for the Dads in Your Life


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