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Never Forget Your Reusable Store Bags Again

Reusable grocery bags

Reusable grocery bags are great for the environment and great for keeping your house clutter free by eliminating that random bag of plastic bags in your pantry. The only downside? Forgetting to take them to the store with you! So here is a list of tips and tricks to help you never forget your reusable bags again!

Store Reusable Bags in Your Car

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The best way to never forget your reusable store bags again is to get in the habit of storing them in your car. As soon as you are done unpacking the groceries, take the bags back to the car. Make this a part of your routine. For me, I sometimes put it off and assume I’ll remember to grab them on the way out to the store, but half the time I forget them! I don’t have to rely on my memory if I put them in the car as soon as I’m done the unloading.

Buy A Second Set of Bags

Another option is to buy two sets of reusable grocery bags. You can have one inside and one out in the car and rotate them.

Store Bags Near Your Car Keys

If you don’t want to run the bags out to the car after unloading, store your bags close to your keys or purse so that you’ll be sure to see them the next time you head out to shop.

Use Your Store List As a Reminder

Use your grocery list to help you remember to take your bags. Add “don’t forget reusable grocery bags” to your list as an added reminder. Or, have your Echo or Google home device add it to your reminders and store list for you!

What To Do If You Forget Your Reusable Bags?

grocery bags

Buy More

If you’re like me, a little forgetful, even with these tips, you might still forget your reusable grocery bags on occasion. But, you can always buy more while you are at the store! Most grocery stores sell their own bags at the registers so it’s simple enough to grab a few more.

Use Store Bags but…

Choose Paper

If the store offers paper bags, ask for those.

Pack The Bags Full

If you pack the plastic bags as full as you can, you’ll end up using less.

Don’t Bag Everything

Skip the bags for anything you can. There’s no need to put milk jugs, melons, or bags of onions or potatoes in bags; it’s simple enough to carry them on their own.

Recycle Them

If you end up using plastic bags and don’t want to keep them at home to add to the clutter, recycle them. Lots of grocery stores have a box for recycling used plastic grocery bags.

Reuse Them at Home

To keep the plastic grocery bags from cluttering up your pantry or under your sink, give them a purpose! Use them for trashcan liners, to pack shoes in for vacation, for trash bags in the car or even bring them back to the store with you next week to reuse them.

Reusable grocery bags make a lot of sense, that is if you can remember to take them with you. Use the tips above to help you remember and if you forget, don’t sweat it; you can still recycle or reuse those plastic bags.

Never Forget Your Reusable Store Bags Again


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