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The Cutest Menu Boards on Amazon

A few weeks back, I was making dinner when I couldn’t take it anymore. I tied on my apron and began pulling things out of the pantry and fridge to begin cooking and immediately, my 6 year old asks, “What’s for dinner?” I told her and then began chopping an onion.

As I set the pan on the stove and poured in olive oil, the 11 year old pops his head in and asks, “What’s for dinner?” I told him and started sauteing the onions. As I am stirring in tomato sauce, the 8 year old yelled from upstairs, “What’s for dinner?” And I told him.

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And then they all proceed to ask again at least once before dinner is made. Call me neurotic, but this kind of thing makes me crazy. So the next day, I bought a menu board. After a few more evenings of asking me what’s for dinner, they started to catch on and remembered that I write it on the menu board now.The cutest menu boards on amazon

Something as simple as that has made me a much happier mom! I want you to be happier too. Check out all these cute menu boards on Amazon and get one today. And good news, all of these are on Prime and they can be on your doorstep in two days. As a side note: HOW ON EARTH DID ALL OUR MOTHERS LIVE WITHOUT AMAZON PRIME? Did they have to like go into actual stores and buy things? Horrifying.

Magnetic White Menu Board
Magnetic Menu Dry Erase Weekly Meal Planner Board for Refrigerator - Includes Grocery List and Notes Section (Menu Whiteboard)

I love this one because it just gets slapped right on the front of the fridge. Now no one has an excuse for asking what’s for dinner when the menu board is right in front of their faces!

Magnetic Dry Erase Blackboard
Magnetic Menu Board for Fridge with neon bright liquid chalk markers - Weekly Meal Planner with Grocery List and Notepad Chalkboard Set for Kitchen Refrigerator - Premium dry earse magnetic blackboard

This one is just like the previous one but it is black. This one could go with any type of kitchen decor.

Illuminated LED Message Board
TMS 32

This board could be a whole lot of fun. It’s just like the kind you see in a restaurant and could add a fun touch to your kitchen decor. And your kids would love the way it lights up.

Interchangeable Letter Board
Counter/Wall Message Board Sign with Interchangeable Letters

These letterboards are becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why. This letterboard would be great as a menu board and you can get your preschooler involved by having them look for the letters you need.

Tabletop Menu Board
HBCY Creations Black Wooden Tabletop Chalkboard with Legs/Vintage Wedding Table Sign/Small Kitchen Countertop Memo Board/Antique Wooden Frame (9.5” x 14” Inches) (4 - Black)

A tabletop menu board would be a great option if you have extra counter space or a kitchen shelf.

Vintage Standing Chalkboard
Tabletop Chalk Boards with Frame by VersaChalk (13x9, Porcelain, Magnetic) A Frame Chalk Board Sign for Business, Bistro Bar, Sandwich Menu, Sidewalk, Parties, Classroom, Wedding

Calling all farmhouse kitchens! This is the perfect board for you!

Hanging Whiteboard

VIZ-PRO Magnetic Dry Erase Board, Children Drawing Board/Kids Writing Whiteboard, Black Plastic Frame,12

This one is going to be your least expensive option. It’s under $10 and lightweight enough to be hung with a simple Command Hook (can I get shout out from all my Command Hook lovers?!).


Hanging Magnetic Chalkboard
Magnetic Chalk Boards with Frame by VersaChalk (15x10

This is almost identical to the menu board I have hanging in my kitchen. And I absolutely love it. You can write on it with chalk pens and also hang stuff on it with magnets. Double duty!

I can’t wait to hear which menu board you choose and start using in your house! This simple organizational tool will be more helpful than you think.

The cutest menu boards on amazon

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