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Daily tips to keep clutter under control

Stray toys, unopened junk mail, kids art projects on every surface, purchases that need to be returned, paperwork that needs to be filed – an endless list of everyday items that tend to take over your whole house. Keeping up with the barrage of clutter, that seemingly comes from nowhere, can feel daunting. But, if you practice a few simple daily habits, you can control the clutter before it takes control of you.white coffee table on casters

Use a clutter basket

A clutter basket can be a box at the bottom of the stairs, a basket that sits in the hallway, or even an unused laundry basket. The point is to have an empty vessel that is in a convenient location that you pass frequently. Whenever you see an item that needs to be put away, but perhaps you don’t have the time to take care of it right that second, throw it in the clutter basket. You can do this repeatedly as you’re going throughout your day. Then, at the end of the day, or even the end of the week – grab the clutter basket and sort through its contents and put away everything in its rightful home.

Have a running donation box

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While the clutter basket is for things that need to put away, the donation box is for things you no longer want in your house. The garage or a closet is usually a good spot for your donation box; because you won’t be using it as much as a clutter basket. The idea is that instead of constantly thinking, “I need to get rid of this stuff!” You sort through your things little by little as you live your daily life. If you try on a shirt and decide it’s too small, throw it in the donation box instead of your closet floor. When you notice a dusty toy that hasn’t been played with in months, donation box.

Open all the mail

Mail is a big clutter culprit. No one likes to open bills, so we set them aside. You might think you’re going to read the grocery ads, so you keep them on the counter. Before you know it you have piles of mail on various surfaces of your house. The trick is – open all your mail everyday. It only takes a few minutes. Throw away the junk, file the bills, and pat yourself on the back. It’s a simple idea, but it cuts on clutter more than you would think.

Don’t be afraid to trash it

Some things just need to go in the trash. If your kid draws 25 pictures a day, there’s no need to save every single one of them. Do your kids save every McDonalds Happy Meal toy they’ve ever received but never actually play with them? Trash ’em. If you keep thinking you’ll eventually use those scraps of paper for a craft project but they’ve been sitting there for two years – trash. If it can’t be donated, and you haven’t used it in a year, it’s time to take the garbage out.

Don’t stress too much

Keep in mind, there’s always going to be a little clutter, especially when living with kids. Don’t kill yourself trying to have perfectly gleaming surfaces in every single room. But hopefully these simple daily tips will help you control the clutter (at least a little), without the stress.


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