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59 AMAZING Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas: Ultimate DIY Dino Guide

From party decoration to dino mite food, we have the best dinosaur birthday party ideas to make your dinosaur party a roaring hit! 

There is just something about dinosaurs, both kids and adults love them, so having a dinosaur party is always a good option for a theme party when it comes to parties and other events.

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And with so many dinosaur-themed activities and DIY ideas, you’ll never run out of smart ways to celebrate a birthday for your dinosaur loving boy or girl.

These fun dinosaur party ideas will give you a little bit of inspiration to get you started. Everything from fun dinosaur party favors to games and fun ways to plan your party is included to make it easy for you to get started, as well as ideas on kids birthday invite wording.

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Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Planning Dinosaur Parties

New to planning a birthday party? Check out this step by step guide to planning a party here. 

Dinosaur Birthday Party Setup

Dinosaurs are such a fun theme for a party, and the ways you can use dinos in planning is open to the imagination!

If you want even more of a specific dinosaur themed birthday, check out this post on The Good Dinosaur Party Ideas.

vector background of prehistoric volcano with text 17 the good dinosaur party ideas

We love this fun setup for a dinosaur birthday, including the use of balloon decorations.

Dinosaur Party Decorations

Decorations are what bring a dinosaur birthday party to life, and there are so many ways to create a jurassic set up using both store bought and DIY dino decor. 

While you can do any color theme, green is a popular place to start in order to create a lush Jurassic landscape. 

Add in variations of other greens, blues, and orange for a more traditional look, or add a fun spin to it by using Aqua, purple, pink and lime green for a girl dinosaur party—or for a boy who loves those colors of course!

Try using a mix of balloons, faux greenery, streamers and live plants to really set the stage. 

Dinosaur Party Decor

Here are some simple ways and DIY ideas to bring the land of the dinosaurs into your party space:

Dinosaur balloons

From patterned standard balloons to full colorful dinosaurs, there are lots of dino options out there. 

Adding in themed balloons is one of the easiest (and least expensive) ways to pull a party themed together on a budget. 

This party balloon arch made out of regular and dinosaur shaped balloons would be easy to pull of and makes quite the statement, especially with the addition of the number balloon. 

  • Dinosaur Shaped signs or banners with dinos
  • Roll with the “Dino Mite” theme in posters, napkins or invitations
  • Use Tissue Paper to create lush grass tablescapes or glue to a cardboard outline to create a prehistoric volcano or number for the birthday girl or boy
  • Purchase Paper Plates and cutouts with dinosaurs on them, and use less expensive solid colored table covers, napkins and balloons to fill the space. 
  • Set up a plastic kiddie pool with sand and create an area to dig for dinosaur bones and other fossil materials
  • Tape TRex footprints on ground
  • Make easy Jungle type trees by twisting up brown packaging paper and taping to a wall. Then cut out palm fringe leaves to attach to the top out of green construction paper. 
  • Heighten their sense of adventure with a Themed Jurassic Park or Jurassic World caution signs or decor at the entrance to the party. 
  • Play the sounds of dinos roaming the land (or the soundtrack to their favorite dinosaur movie) on speakers during the party.
  • Add an inflatable to the mix—this dinosaur is 4 feet tall, can you believe it? There are so many ways you could have fun with it at a birthday.

More Great Dinosaur Themed Party Decor Ideas

Dinosaur Wall Art

Print and frame this dinosaur wall art (available here from the Country Chic Cottage) and use it as a decoration for your dinosaur party! 

Dinosaur Stand Up Toys

Another fun cardboard project, these dinosaur stand ups can be used as placeholders, a birthday activity, or party favors for the kids to play with.

Dinosaur Party Activities

A dinosaur birthday party would not be complete without some games, activities and little crafts that will make kids roar with delight!

Choose a few from the list below, or make up your own!

Dinosaur Dig for bones

Have the boys and girls put on their paleontologists faces and look for bones and other fossils. You can do this in a sand pit (small container with sand or kiddie pool) or make easy dinosaur fossils to pick at with toothpicks. 

Be sure to provide paintbrushes for them to brush away the dirt like real dinosaur hunters!

Dinosaur Footprints

Cut out large dinosaur footprints on cardboard and attach a thin strip of cardboard on top to form a small loop. Or glue a pair of cheap flip flop to the top for the same effect!

Kids can stomp their way around the party with their dino feet or hold a relay race while they try to fun with the footprint attached!

Dinosaur Party Games

Every birthday party needs some fun games to get children excited. You can put a dino-spin on classic party games or try some of the ones below!

Triceratops Ring Toss

Paint a Triceratops head on a large poster board, or print off your favorite image and use mod podge to attach it to a foam board from the dollar store. Attach 3 plastic cones for the horns, and use plastic rings to try to get the cones.

Pin the Horn (or Tail) on the Dinosaur

Who doesn’t love a rousing game of Pin the Tail, just switch it up to make it with with dino friends!

TRex Bean Bag Toss

Feed the hungry tyrannosaurus rex by throwing bean bags into his mouth! Create the game board the same way as you would for the ring toss, only this time cut out a hole in the center to throw the bean bags through.

Dinosaur Scavenger Hunt

Another fun activity that the kids can do at your party, this scavenger hunt will be fun for kids of all ages.

Dinosaur Egg Hunt/Dino Egg Hunt

Boys and girls will love hunting for dinosaur eggs during the party. Be sure to hide fun treats or little plastic toys inside for an extra surprise!

More Dinosaur Party Ideas: Crafts and Party Hats

Whether you have a lot of time to spend or just need something to occupy kids for a few minutes, party hats and dinosaur themed crafts are a great way to do it. 

You can set up all of the supplies ahead of time, or give each guest a party bag that has all of the materials they will need.

Dinosaur Paper Hat

What’s a dino birthday without a party hat?

This cute one features a dinosaur tail, which is sure to be a hit with the kids!

Use this dinosaur paper hat as a fun activity for kids during the party or make them ahead of time so the kids can wear them during the party.

DIY Cardboard Box Dinosaur

Another fun group craft that birthday party attendees can do, this dinosaur costume is made from a cardboard box and will be great for older children.

DIY Fossil Kit Craft and Party Favors

Kids will love creating their own dinosaur fossils! You can use this activity for the kids to do during the party or you can send them home as party favors.

Dinosaur Party Food Ideas

There are so many fun ideas for dinosaur party food! Check out some of our favorites below:

Dinosaur Eggs

Dinosaur Dirt Cups Party Treats

Kids will love these fun party treats! The treats are topped with a small dinosaur and candy pieces to create a fun party treat for kids.

Dino Fruit Skewers

Kids will love enjoying these fun dinosaur fruit skewers during their party. Pair the fruit up with some flavorful yogurt and you have a great party snack.

Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets

A staple in any kid friendly freezer, these dinos make the perfect party food!

Dinosaur Cake Pops

This entire table spread is pretty incredible—how fun are these dino pops?

Dinosaur Fossil Cookies

Other Cute Dinosaur Party Table Ideas:

Dinosaur Cake Ideas

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Idea

If you are looking for a fun dinosaur themed cake for a birthday party, this cake will make the perfect birthday treat.

DIY Dinosaur Shaped Cake

If you’d like to try and create a dinosaur shaped cake for the upcoming party, this tutorial and recipe will show you how. There is even a free template to help you achieve the look!

Dinosaur Themed Party Favors

DIY Dinosaur Party Favors

Print out these fun dinosaur party favor tags so you can add them to your party favors! Attach the tags to make candy filled bags for guests.

Dinosaur Dropping Bag Toppers

Another fun printable tag that you can use for party favors. Attach these party printables to bags of M&M’s and use them as “dinosaur droppings”. Print them here!

Dinosaur Themed Party Favors to Buy

Dinosaur Eggs

Goody Bag filled with Dinosaur Masks and toys

Mini Dinosaur Coloring Books

Small Dinosaur Toys and Figurines

Stickers and Temporary Tattoos

Be sure to follow along on Pinterest for more great dinosaur birthday party ideas!

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