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7 Steps to Organize Your Home Office

Having a clean and organized work space allows you to focus more on the task at hand. Whether that be preparing meals in the kitchen, or completing a work assignment at your desk. There is just something about organizing your home office that frees up your brain to devote all your attention to whatever goal you’re trying to accomplish.

If you are struggling with a cluttered, distracting work space, then this article is for you!

Here are 7 steps to organize your home office.

Relocate anything that doesn’t belong.

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Chances are, there is stuff sitting around your office that doesn’t belong there. Kids toys, clothes, games, etc. This seems especially common if your office area is not its own dedicated room, but rather a small area that is part of another room. It is just so easy to throw something in your office to momentarily get it out of the way.

Purge, Purge, Purge.

Desk drawers and file cabinets are often full of too much stuff. Collections of pens, notepads, markers that no longer work. . .it just creates clutter.

There are probably papers in your file cabinets that have sat there for years. It does take time, but go through old paperwork in and around your desk and decide what you need to actually keep and what can be discarded. (A small shredder comes in very handy for security purposes when getting rid of old documents.)

Invest in drawer organizers.

Once you have cleaned out the unnecessary clutter and paperwork, buy some drawer organizers to keep your office supplies neat and tidy. (You can find cheap ones at the dollar store.) And/or buy a smaller organizer for the top of your desk to hold essentials that you most often reach for.

Take the time to label files in your filing cabinets and organize paperwork into different categories (example: house, cars, utilities, insurance, warranties, instruction manuals etc.)

drawer organizer

Get rid of books you no longer read.

Books take up huge amounts of space that can be better utilized. Go through your stash and keep your favorites. Donate the rest (some libraries will take them as a donation) or resell them. Some local bookstores will buy them back if they are in really good condition.

Use a white board.

I used to write down all my homework assignments in college on a white board. Now I utitilize one for writing down my to-do lists. It helps me stay mentally organized (and I do like crossing things off the list!). But it also helps me avoid accidentally throwing out my to-do list with the garbage.

Use a bulletin board.

Along with a white board, I like having a bulletin board where I can hang up small items to keep them up off my desk. Sticky notes with important info on them, business cards, a calendar, etc. A bulletin board will help keep your desk clutter free.

Use storage containers for your shelves and or closet.

If your office closet is like mine, it becomes a catch-all for random things that don’t really have a home anywhere else. Extra cords. Wrapping paper. Craft supplies. Mailing supplies. It can quickly become a huge mess. If your closet doesn’t already have shelving, you might think about putting some in. Using plastic containers to store like items together. Create labels for each tub with a label maker or a piece of tape and marker.


I hope these tips help your to organize your home office and keep it clutter free!

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