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DIY Christmas Ornaments to Make with Your Kids

DIY Christmas Ornaments are a great way to spend time with your kiddos before the chaos of the holiday season. This is a great way to make a lasting memento that can hang on your family’s tree for years to come! To get started, check out these easy designs:

The Old Standby

DIY popsicle stick Christmas ornaments

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For this type of ornament, you will need popsicle sticks, ribbon or twine, paint, markers, sequins and glue. To begin, lay one pop cycle stick flat to serve as the trunk and support for the ornament. You can paint this black or brown or leave it bare if you want. Next, layout four or five smaller sticks side by side. Draw a triangle like shape on the sticks that are laying together. Grab a pair of scissors or Exacto knife and cut the stick out so that you end up with a staggered tree-like shape once cut. 

Take that shape and glue it in the same triangle shape directly onto the “trunk” stick. This should give you a tree like shape at this point. From there, simply decorate your tree however you would like with paint, markers and sequins. To finish, glue a piece of ribbon on the top to serve as the hook to hang it on the tree. 

Paint Spin or Dip


Pickup some plastic or glass bulbs from your favorite craft store on these ones from Rocinha on Amazon. Just make sure that whatever brand you choose it has a removable top so that you can put stuff inside. Using your favorite paint color, pour a tiny amount of it into the inside of the ornament. Put the top back on and shake the bulb as to spread the paint around on the inside. This will create beautiful traditional colored bulb. Additional items may also be added like glitter or sequins. 

If you prefer, purchase precut out Christmas shaped ornaments that have not been painted or decorated yet. Kids can either paint these with a regular paintbrush or dip them into the paint directly on paper plates. 

Super Tip: Hobby Lobby’s Facebook page is full of super easy paint related ornament ideas and video turorials!

Candy Cane Hooks

Another ornament you can try making with your kids is a candy cane hook. Even better…all you need for this are some beads and pipe cleaners! Let the children pick their favorite color pipe cleaner and all they have to do is simply string beads onto it and form a candy cane type hook as they go. Round off the ends of the candy cane by knotting the pipe cleaner or you can also apply a ball of hot glue to serve as a stopper. The ornaments will just hang on the tree without a piece of ribbon or anything.

You can also use real candy canes as a base and wrap the pipe cleaners around them in a swirling pattern if beads aren’t your thing.

A few more ideas: Salt dough Christmas ornaments, pinecone Christmas trees or Christmas colors ribbon circles.

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