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Budget-Friendly Easter Basket Filler Ideas for Kids

It’s that fun time of year when kids are excited to see what the Easter Bunny brings while parents might feel a little stressed about finding cheap Easter Basket Filler Ideas. But don’t worry—we’ve got you covered!

There are lots of great options for a child’s Easter basket (both the actual basket and the Easter basket gifts inside) that can be done for the whole family no matter the budget.

boy with easter basket and closeup of easter basket with fillers
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Sometimes parents just need a little bit of help thinking of creative ideas and ways to stretch their money when it comes to filling them up.

We have a big list of Easter Basket fillers which are all little things you can put into kids’ baskets including great toy suggestions, themed Easter gifts, candy ideas, and other goodies that little boys and girls will love to find on Easter morning.

Creative Easter Basket Ideas

There are a lot of beautiful images of fancy premade baskets and personalized Easter baskets out there that might seem tempting, but practically anything can be used as a vessel to hold presents or other treats.

Cute and affordable plastic or traditional baskets can be found dollar stores, Walmart, Target, or other discount stores such as Christmas Tree Shops and even grocery stores.

If you like the idea of a lined basket, purchase packs of tissue paper in bright colors and line the bottom and sides of the basket.

Here are some other fun ideas for items that can act as a child’s Easter basket:

  • Use a baseball cap or hat for the child to use during the spring/summer and fill
  • For younger children, purchase an inexpensive sand pail with a shovel
  • Make an Easter basket out of paper
  • Use a dump truck to hold the treats for your little guy or construction-loving girl
  • Try using and upside-down umbrella or rain boots to hold the goodies
  • Household Tupperware or a serving bowl would also work in a pinch

Ways to do an Easter Basket on a Budget + Cheap Easter Basket Filler Ideas

If parents decide to help the Easter Bunny fill an Easter basket for a child, there are many ways that parents can purchase items while making sure that they will be personalized for the child and staying on budget. Listed below are some ways that parents can achieve this:

colorful easter basket and baby with easter basket
  1. Purchase toys, candy, etc., when they go on sale at stores.
  2. Visit dollar or discount stores to purchase items.
  3. Purchase large bags of candy sand place them into plastic eggs or cellophane gift bags that can be purchased for a dollar or less at discount stores. Candy can also just be placed freely in basket which is a lifesaver for putting them together last minute.
  4. This is a great tip especially for large families, as you can buy bags of jelly beans, robin’s eggs, or chocolates in bulk for cheaper.
  5. Look at items that have been previously purchased that went on clearance (especially items that a family may have purchased after holidays).
  6. Use coupons when purchasing candy or edible items.
  7. Visit a bakery outlet for goodies (i.e., rice bars, Easter crackers or cookies, fruit snacks, etc.).
  8. Purchase in larger quantities when filling more than one basket (i.e., bubbles, candy, etc.).
  9. Take a box of new crayons, markers, pencils, color pencils and divide them into multiple baskets.
  10. If coloring books are out of the budget, print off some free coloring pages such as this Easter Unicorn coloring page.
  11. Bake edible items at home when children are asleep, wrap them in decorative or solid color plastic wrap and place them into basket.
  12. Contact family and friends that have children and see if an exchange can be made (i.e., toys, bubble, school supplies, baskets, etc.).
  13. Look at dollar bins at local stores.
  14. Look at clearance items throughout stores; many can be used as fillers in Easter baskets.

Parents have several options when it comes to helping the Easter Bunny give an Easter basket to little ones. If parents decide to create a basket, many things can be done to make sure that it is personalized as well as filled with items that will not break the family’s budget.

28 Non Candy Items for Kids’ Easter Baskets

Here are some great ideas for what to put in kids’ easter baskets, focusing on the best non candy Easter basket filler ideas:

collage of non candy easter basket filler ideas including beach toys, legos, wooden camera, stuffed animal, and teether
  • Silly Putty
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Card game such as Uno, Old Maid or other classic game
  • Gift Cards
  • Bubbles
  • Coloring Books or Printable Coloring Pages
  • Sippy Cups
  • Stuffed Animal
  • Small Lego Set
  • Hair accessories
  • Water Bottle
  • Paddle Ball set
  • Craft supplies
  • Board Books
  • Nail Polish
  • Fun toy for bath time
  • Bath bombs, especially if you can find little bunny bath bombs
  • Travel games or mini art sets for road trips
  • Washi tape
  • School Supplies (Target always has great pencils and pouches in the Dollar Spot)
  • Book of Mad libs
  • Hot Wheels
  • Lip balm
  • Easter Egg Stampers

Add any type of candy, chocolate bunnies, or snacks into the basket—put them into little plastic eggs if you can for added fun—and your basket is complete!

Tip: Super tight budget? Grab a bigger stuffed animal from Dollar Tree, and then there will be less space in the basket to fill up if needed!

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boy wearing bunny ears holding easter basket with text how to fill easter baskets on a budget

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