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Free Printable Unicorn Games for Parties

Kids will love these fun and free printable unicorn games for parties. From Pin the Horn on the Unicorn to Unicorn Twister and more, these fun unicorn themed party games are perfect for any birthday!

This unicorn party game pack includes 3 different games that kids will enjoy playing for the party or anytime.

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If you are planning a unicorn party or looking for some crafts to go with the game, be sure to check out the unicorn crafts and snacks we’ve put together.

And don’t forget to include these yummy unicorn party foods as well!

screenshots of printable unicorn games for parties in a collage format with pink background

What games are included in the free printable unicorn games pack?

This unicorn game pack includes 3 different fun games and activities for kids. Kids will love the games because they are fun and colorful.

Roll A Unicorn Activity

This game has children rolling dice to create their own unicorns. As they roll the dice each number has them choose a piece of the unicorn to decorate. Kids can choose from multiple eye styles, accessories, and the crown.

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn Free Printable

Another fun party game, pin the horn on the unicorn will have children doing a couple of spins and then trying to get the horn on the unicorn.

Unicorn Twister Party Game

Kids love the game Twister. This is the unicorn version of twister. Simply print out the colorful unicorns and the spinner and they have their own unicorn twister game.

These games are perfect for birthday parties or family game nights. Since it is a free printable you can grab the game when needed, no need to go to the store to purchase a game.

Use as a Unicorn Homeschool Game

You can also this unicorn game as a fun educational homeschool activity or game. Kids will work on their hand and eye coordination, color recognition, and more as they play.

collage of free printable unicorn party games with brightly colored unicorns and pin the horn on the unicorn

Download the Game Here

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