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Keep Your Dog From Getting Bored

Whether the weather is yucky and you are stuck inside or your dog just needs something new to do. Check out these tips to keep your dog from getting bored.

Tips To Keep Your Dog From Getting Bored

We have found with our dog Ferb that he is a much happier dog when he has had some exercise and stimulation. This can come in the form of physical or mental exercise.

Try a Game of Which Hand?

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This game is SO easy. Just take one of your dog’s treats (or even their food) and put a piece in one of your hands. Then, close both of your hands into a fist.

Now, let your dog sniff your closed fists and see if he can tell which hand has the treat. When he continually sniffs, touches or licks the hand with the treat open it up and reward him with the treat.

Your Dog Can Use the Stairs to Stop Boredom

Do you have stairs in your house? Put them to work. Try playing fetch by tossing the toy to the bottom (or top) of the stairs and let your dog get a little extra exercise while fetching it.

You could play a game our family calls “Come Ferb” by having someone at the top of the stairs and someone at the bottom. Then take turns calling your pet. He will get plenty of exercise running up and down the stairs as he goes between people (we like to do this with a treat to entice him to come).

Cardboard Can Be a Boredom Buster

The other day I had a cardboard egg carton that was on its way to the recycle bin. Then I saw Ferb sitting there looking like he could use something to do.

I tossed the carton to him and watched to see what he would do. He was in heaven! He tossed it around and tore it to pieces.

A dog with torn the cardboard he tore up behind him.
Ferb with his cardboard chaos in the background.

If you have a cardboard toilet paper roll laying around you can use it to keep your dog from getting bored. Simply slip a treat or some dog food into the middle of it and then fold in each end.

Always monitor your dog when they’re playing with cardboard to keep them safe.

Dog Playdates

Nothing keeps your dog from getting bored like another dog. If your dog has a favorite friend invite that dog over to play.

Maybe your dogs favorite pal is a person. Invite that person over to spend some one on one time with your dog.

If circumstances permit a dog park would be a great place for your dog to interact with other dogs.

Two dogs running next to each other outside.
Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash

Games Using a Ball

Try the muffin tin game with your pooch. Take a muffin tin and put a treat in one of the holes. Then cover all the holes up with balls and let your dog find the treat.

If you have a wiffle ball you can stick some treats into its holes for some extra fun. Or check out this fun ball with tabs on it from Amazon.

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Are you itching to get out there and play with your dog? You’re sure to have a happier dog when he has some fun new games and activities to keep from getting bored.]

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