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Ways To Pamper Your Puppy

February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day. So it’s time to show your puppy some love and you can start with these 5 ways to pamper your puppy.

Take Your Puppy On A Walk

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Most puppies LOVE to go for a walk and be outside. It means they get to spend time with their human. If that wasn’t reason enough it also gives them a chance to have a potty break which is a win for you and your puppy.

While on a walk Ferb (my puppy) and I often run into other people and dogs. This is a chance to pamper your dog through socialization.

Take advantage of the walk to do some training with your puppy. That way you can accomplish a walk and some extra stimulation for your pup.

Pampering a puppy with a walk outside
Pampering Ferb with a walk

Speaking of stimulating, dogs LOVE smells! So, try taking your dog for a “smell” rather than a “walk”. Let him take his time and pamper him with the opportunity to stop and smell the roses.

My personal favorite reason to pamper your puppy with a walk is because a tired dog is a good dog. The walk gets all my dog’s wiggles out and then he is less likely to chew on everything, bark at stuff, and he sleeps better.

Give Your Puppy A New Toy

I believe just like people our dogs need variety. Why not try pampering your puppy by giving him something new to play with. Check out this article with chew toy ideas.

My personal favorite toy for Ferb is the kong. I love the kong because you can fill it with something different each time you use it. It makes it feel like a new toy every time.

Kong chew toy being filled with a treat.
Kong Toy Amazon

You can fill your kong toy with things like peanut butter, kibble, canned dog food, bananas, apples, pumpkin, or even plain low-fat yogurt. Try freezing things in the kong for an extra challenge for your puppy.

Play A Game With Your Puppy

A favorite game we pamper our puppy with is called “Come Ferb”. Two of us sit far apart with some small treats and then take turns calling, “Come Ferb”.

When Ferb runs to us we give him a little bit of a treat and then right away the other person calls, “Come Ferb”. He then turns and runs to the other person where he once again is met with a little piece of a treat.

We repeat this over and over until we are out of treats. It’s a great game to play to get some exercise for your puppy if it’s cold outside. You can even play it on the stairs so puppy gets out even more energy.

Spa Day To Pamper Your Puppy

You can pamper your puppy with a spa day. Give him a bath, cut his toenails or brush his hair out. This is our go to shampoo and conditioner for Ferb.

A bottle of dog shampoo and conditioner
Dog Shampoo and Conditioner Amazon

Pamper Your Puppy With Time

Sometimes the best way to pamper your pup is by being with them. Often I will just sit by Ferb while he chews on a toy. Or play a little game of tug of war even for just a minute.

Let your puppy take his nap snuggled up next to you or spend some time just scratching his favorite spot. Our puppies will love the extra attention.

Remember National Love Your Pet Day is on February 20th and a perfect time to use one of these 5 ways to pamper your puppy.

5 Ways to Pamper Your Puppy

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