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Epic Ways to Celebrate the Last Day of School

It’s the last day of school and summer is about to begin. What now? Try one of these epic ways to celebrate the last day of school.

Ideas for the Last Day of School

Get a Picture with the Teacher

Before your child leaves their classroom for the last time be sure to celebrate by grabbing one more picture of them with their teacher.

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Having a last day of school picture makes for a great memory. It’s fun to have it to contrast with that first day of school picture.

While you are at it take your child’s pic with the principal, in front of the school, with some friends or at their desk.

Scoop up all the mental and digital pics you can because these are days to be remembered for sure.

Sidewalk Chalk Your Street and/or Driveway

What’s a more epic way to say, “Welcome to summer” than a big mural out of sidewalk chalk that actually say, “Welcome to summer”!

What a fun surprise for the kids to see upon their arrival home from school. It would also be fun for the whole neighborhood and other kids to celebrate with you as well.

A message on a sidewalk written with chalk that says,
Photo by Philip Arambula on Unsplash

You can even make your sidewalk chalk interactive by leaving a place for them to add their own drawing or favorite memory from the year.

Why not add a hop scotch or four square design into your sidewalk chalk art. Then the kids can use it for playing as well.

Make a Banner to Run Through

Everyone wants to be the guy who gets to bust through the banner at the high school football game. Well, today (the last day of school) is the day.

Break out some butcher paper and paints and make a big old banner. You can add any message you’d like and make it as big or small as you’d like.

Then when the kiddos get home from their last day of school you can have your banner stretched out for them to bust through and bust into summer!

If you are short on butcher paper but have a plethora of friends you could make a tunnel for the kids to run through instead. Just stand in two lines facing each other and stretch your hands up to meet the persons hand across from you in the middle.

Then let all the kids run under your newly made tunnel with lots of cheering. Running through a banner or tunnel would be a pretty epic way to celebrate the last day of school.

Make a Summer Bucket List

With the last day of school comes weeks of summer vacation. Hmmmm, how should those days be filled?

Why not let your kids compile their own summer bucket list. You might have them make a list of the top 10 things they want to do this summer.

The list could be done by topic. For example, list one water activity you would like to do. Name a book you would like to read. Or even think of a vacation you would like to go on.

Girl at beach reading a book while laying on a towel.
Photo by Drew Perales on Unsplash

This could be a great jumping off place to get some fun things on your calendar and make the most of your summer. Click here for more ideas on making a summer bucket list.

Be Outside

After having been in school all year the last day of school is an epic time to be outside. Especially if the weather is nice.

Spend the day park hopping by visiting local parks and playing for an hour at each one.

Boy smiling going down a slide.
Photo by Zachary Kadolph on Unsplash

Try renting a bounce house for the day. Use it just with your kids or invite friends over to help celebrate.

Enjoy the cooler weather in the evening and do an outdoor movie with friends. Check out this post for ideas on how to set up an outdoor theater. Another great evening idea is to play night games with friends and neighbors.

Remember the School Year

There are so many fun ways to remember the school year. You could do an interview with your child and ask them questions about the year (favorite memories or new friends made).

This interview could be a video. This is an especially fun way to capture and freeze this time in their lives. Their voice, the clothes they wore and their mannerisms. Stuff we don’t want to forget.

Use a scrapbook page to remember the school year. Have some fun and memorable photos from the year printed out and let your kids make themselves a page.

One of my favorite ideas is to have your child write a letter to themselves on the last day of school. They could include things like what they want to be when they grow up or what their favorite things are.

Whichever way you choose to remember the year be sure to save it. Then compile all the interviews or scrapbook pages or letters and you have a special gift for when they graduate.

Have a Special Lunch or Treat

I remember back in the good old days when the last day of school came around the best part of the day was getting to go to lunch with my mom.

Not just any lunch. It was usually a sit down restaurant. My siblings and I really scored if it was the one with a buffet that included the soft serve ice cream.

If a simple lunch can be so nostalgic for me it can be the same for our kids.

I LOVE treats! Having a fun cold treat would be an epic way to celebrate the last day of school. You could even rent a snow cone machine and share the treat with the whole neighborhood.

Child holding a melting ice cream cone.
Photo by Hannah Pemberton on Unsplash

After an entire school year (especially this 2020-21 school year) our kiddos deserve to be celebrated. So take some pictures, go play outside, record some memories, and eat something yummy. Make the day memorable for you and your child and let it be an epic beginning to summer.

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