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Establishing Routines For Children

It is a well documented fact that kids do better when there is structure and routines in their daily lives. That being said, I often have moms tell me that they have a hard time and get very frustrated when it comes to getting their kids to follow them. Due to the fact that it turns into a power struggle and therefore they completely give up with trying to enforce them. Implementing routines and having your kids follow them doesn’t have to be frustrating. Here are some quick tips to end the power struggle.

  • Repetition and consistency is key. For a while you might sound like a broken record but eventually it will become part of their everyday life just like brushing their teeth.
  • Make sure you have systems in place so that your child knows and understands what is expected of them. Be very specific however make sure it is age appropriate and easy to understand.
  • Have the child take responsibility for their daily task by making them a list they can check off. Use pictures for younger children.
  • Be generous with praise. Everybody likes to be acknowledged for a job well done.
  • Model the behavior you want them to follow. Don’t expect them to keep their room clean, if the rest of the house looks like a bomb went off.
  • The most important tip I can share with you is this. Lower your expectations don’t expect perfection and stay calm. Remember at the end of the day they are still children who need our guidance and love everyday whether or not they follow routines and power struggles accomplish squat.

Jennifer Ascher
Professional Organizer
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