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Favorite Finds For Your Fridge

Even your refrigerator needs a little love and organization sometimes. Try spicing things up with these favorite finds for your fridge.

Whether your family is big or small your fridge is sure to see a lot of action. With things constantly being put in and pulled out a little organization would go a long way. For example, what is a good way to store those cans of soda in the fridge? How about with a handy dandy soda door holder.

Soda Holder

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The fridge for many of us is the holder of the soda. But how best to store the soda? Here are a couple of ideas starting with storing soda in the door. Check out these fancy soda can holders that allow you to store your soda vertically. If your fridge isn’t vertical friendly you can still use them with the soda can standing upright. It’s a favorite find for your fridge.

Craftsy Hacks

Fridge Lazy Susan

You may already have a lazy susan in your kitchen but have you ever considered adding one to your fridge? Genius. By adding a lazy susan you can easily access more of your fridge foods. For instance, you could put all your condiments in a lazy susan or stack all your yogurts in one. The options are endless.

The Container Store

Fridge Coasters aka Fridge Liner

In all my years of using a fridge I have NEVER thought to line the shelves. This will definitely be one of your favorite finds for your fridge. You can use Glad Press ‘N’ Seal to line your shelves. Or how about using placemats? If you want to get really fancy try a fridge coaster. The purpose of all of these items is so that when something spills (and something will spill) it makes clean up so much easier.

A Bowl Full Of Lemons

File Folder Holder

Say that 3x fast. File folder holder, file folder holder, file folder holder. You take one of those little guys and you can turn it sideways in your fridge to use as a compartment to hold your food. Stack them on top of each other for even more storage. It also gives you levels so that you can use the space above your food more efficiently. This is a favorite fridge find of mine.


Dry Erase Marker

I know what you are thinking. What does a dry erase marker have to do with my fridge? Well, I’ll tell you. That fancy little marker can write on your ice maker and wipe right off. Nice, right. Use this trick to write down the contents of your freezer, your menu for the week, when you need to change the water filter in your fridge, or what produce you have in your fridge. Options are endless. You can even right yourself a happy note or a note for your family. So what are you waiting for, go get your dry erase marker and get writing!


The fridge really is a fantastic appliance. So give yours an upgrade with one (or all) of these favorite finds for your fridge. You’ll be glad you did!

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