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101 Free Halloween Wallpapers for Iphones (2022)

Spooky season is here and whether you celebrate all year long or wait til October, there is nothing like adding a new halloween wallpaper to your iphone or computer desktop. It help get you into the cozy spirit of the seaon and get excited for Halloween parties and fun!

Whether you like dark and spooky backgrounds for your phone or cute kawaii halloween wallpapers, we have tons of different styles that will make your personality a match with the season.

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These 101+ cute free fall and Halloween wallpapers should do just the trick to hold you off until its time to trick or treat!

You’ll be able to decorate your device with pumpkins, ghosts, witches, and of course, halloween treats. With so many options to choose from, it will be hard to pick just one background or wallpaper design.

Be sure to save this page to your Pinterest Halloween board to come back and change up your background as often as you’d like!

And be sure to check out out these stunning aesthetic Christmas wallpapers and backgrounds to make the holiday season bright!

How to Use these Halloween Wallpaper for Iphone Backgrounds

Why change your phone’s background? Well here are a few reasons we do it:

  • Unique, creative and festive backgrounds to match the season
  • Enable you to personalize your device in a fun way
  • There are tons of great and free stock photos out there for creating unique backgrounds
  • If you are the ultimate Spooky Babe and just want to be in the mood any time of the year!

Pro Tip: Love changing your phone’s background to match the holiday or season year round? Here’s a hint! Save your favorite images to a Wallpaper Board on Pinterest so you can quickly find your favorites whenever you need it!

Use these wallpapers and screensavers for helping you get into the holiday season.

Which one will you select?

How to add Wallpapers for Halloween on the iPhone

First, scroll the images below and save your favorites to your phone or download and send it to yourself/save it to the cloud if on desktop.

The instructions to install a digital fall background on your phone is as follows:

  • Open up the Settings menu and tap “Wallpaper.”
  • Select “Choose a NewWallpaper” and then select from either “Live Wallpapers”, “Dynamic”, or “Stills” or choose from the photo folder it is stored in on your phone.
  • Choose your desired photo. To ensure that it is applied as a wallpaper, you can try pressing the box with the three dots in the top right corner of the image.

How to use wallpaper as backgrounds for Instagram stories

One way to use Christmas wallpaper backgrounds for Instagram Stories is by following these simple steps:

  1. First, select your favorite wallpapers from the images below.
  2. Next, save it onto your phone or device and open up your Instagram app on iPhone or Android. Then, start a new story of yours by clicking “Your Story” at the top left of your screen.
  3. At the bottom of the story, tap on “Backgrounds” and select a fall or spooky wallpaper from your gallery or download it directly to Instagram by pressing down with two fingers. Then press “Next Background,” choose one of your saved images again, and you’re all set!

Now that you know how to add holiday wallpapers to your phone and Instagram stories, it’s time to get in the holiday mood! You can use these free Halloween wallpapers or screensavers with just a few clicks.

The images below are perfect for all types of phones and any social media platform you’re using this season – don’t hesitate to download them today!

The Best Aesthetic Halloween Wallpaper Backgrounds

Whether you like dark and moody or cozy and warm, you’ll find the perfect aesthetic out of this massive group of images.

Free Halloween Wallpapers

Kawaii Halloween Cat Wallpapers

Halloween Photos Backgrounds

Modern & Pop Art Halloween Wallpapers

Cute Halloween Jack o Lantern Wallpapers

Spooky Halloween Backgrounds for Iphone

More 1080 x 1920 Halloween Wallpapers (Fall Foliage, Fall Art)

With so many options to choose from it will be hard to pick just one background or wallpaper design!

We love changing up things with our moods, so definitely come back and grab more backdrops whenever you’d like!

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