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Fun Ways To Wake Up Your Child For School

Looking for a fun way to wake up your child for school? Everything on this list is better than the cold hard sound of an alarm clock!

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Do you have a student who is reluctant to go to school? Or a teenager who is just too tired to get up? Do you have a chronic snooze button kid? Or, does your child just plain hate waking up to the sound of an alarm clock? As parents, we can relate. Personally, I’d much rather have someone wake me up gently than get up to a dreaded alarm. Waking up your child in a fun way helps to set the tone for the day. Instead of a grouchy child trudging into the kitchen for breakfast, you might have a silly, smiling child ready to take on the day.

Good Morning Song

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Make up a good morning song for your child. Take a song that he loves and change the words to include phrases like time to get up. Be sure to put his name in there. For example, you could change the lyrics to Happy Birthday to: Good morning to you, it’s time to wake up, we have pancakes for breakfast, it’s time to get up. I know, not a masterpiece, but you get the idea!

Tell a Joke

Wake your child up with a new joke every morning! Bookmark a list of silly jokes for kids and pull it up on your phone every morning. Your child will look forward to a laugh every morning! Here is a great list to get you started: 60 Jokes To Make Kids Laugh.

Give Them Something to Look Forward To

cookies and mile

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If your child doesn’t particularly enjoy school, give them something to look forward to. It doesn’t have to be a big thing either. Maybe you can just remind them that they have a playdate with a friend after school, or soccer practice. Tell them about the cookies you have for their after school snack. Thinking about something positive as they first wake up is a great way to start the day.

Play a Game

Play a fun game with your child every morning. Squeeze in a quick game of UNO before school or play 20 questions at breakfast. Maybe there’s time for a game of hide and seek. Pick a different game each day so it feels new and exciting.

Wake Up To Music

A simple solution to waking up to a blaring alarm clock sound is to change the alarm setting to music. Or if your child has a google home device or an echo dot device in their room, you can set these to play their favorite song when it’s time to get up for school.

Getting up in the morning doesn’t have to be all drudgery. Use a suggestion from this list or come up with a fun idea of your own to make school day mornings something to look forward too.

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