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Tips To Get Out of Bed Without Hitting Snooze

tips to get out of bed

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Do you have a tendency to oversleep in the morning? Me too! Those mornings I oversleep are rushed and stressful. It’s such a bad way to start the day. If you have problems sleeping through your alarm and are looking for ways to get quickly out of bed check our tips:

Move the Alarm

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The simplest tip is to move your alarm clock or phone away from your bed. If you have to get up to turn off your alarm, it’s easier to stay awake and start getting ready for the day. That is assuming you don’t sleep through the sound of the alarm.

Change the Sound

stop over sleeping

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It’s a good idea to change the alarm sound periodically. Over time you’ll find that you get so used to the sound of your alarm you sleep right through it! Every so often, change the alarm on your phone. Or, if you are using an alarm clock, switch back and forth from the buzzer sound to music.  If you are choosing music, it’s best to pick a genre you don’t enjoy! Then you’ll be motivated to get up and turn it off.

Count Down

Once you turn the alarm off you have a decision to make. You can hit snooze and crawl back in bed or you can begin getting ready for the day. A simple trick to help you start your day is to count down. Just count down from 5! Then head to the shower or to brush your teeth or to get your coffee. This quick countdown might be all you need to convince your brain that you don’t really want to head back to bed. This is one of our favorite tips to get out of bed!

Plan a Treat

tips to get out of bed

Image by Andrian Valeanu from Pixabay

If you have a hard time getting up in the morning, plan something to look forward to. You might just be bored with the same old boring routine. But, if there is a treat or something special to look forward to, it might help you get up and not oversleep. Start your day with something enjoyable, like a cup of coffee or your favorite tea, some quiet meditation time, yoga, or an exercise you enjoy. Maybe you can slowly start your day by reading a chapter of your favorite book. Or, get yourself up and laughing by watching a few minutes of a stand-up comedian. Perhaps your motivator is stopping for a breakfast sandwich or a fancy coffee on the way to work.

Prep The Night Before

If you find yourself rushing around to get everything accomplished, it might be that you have too many tasks to get done in the morning. Spend the night before prepping as much as you can, so that you can sleep in a little later and not have to rush. Pick out clothes for you and your little ones, pack lunches, set a timer on the coffee maker, and make sure bags for school and work are packed. Spending that time each night will allow you more precious sleep. This will also alleviate some of the stress of having so many tasks to do in the morning.

It’s time to take your mornings back! Use these tips to get right out of bed without hitting snooze and start your day off on the right foot.

Tips to Getting Out of Bed Without Hitting Snooze


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