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Holiday Decoration Organization

Ho Ho Ho…3,2,1. The holiday season has come to an end. Now what to do with all the decorations! Here are some ideas for holiday decoration organization.

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Ho Ho Ho…3,2,1. The holiday season has come to an end. Now what to do with all the decorations! Here are some ideas for holiday decoration organization.

Ornament Cups

What do to with all those ornaments and their strings that get all tangled up. Try this idea from Mom’s Party Cafe and glue cups to cardboard. Each ornament has a home inside a cup (or small ornaments could share a cup). The boards easily stack on top of one another inside a plastic container and TADA holiday decoration organization.


They can be BIG and BULKY. This idea from Dory Fitz is to hang your wreaths on hangers. Just attach a zip tie (hidden) to your wreath and hang it from a sturdy hanger. You can even cover them with a garbage bag to keep the dust off by putting a small hole for the hanger to go through and then cinching the garbage bag at the bottom.

Egg Cartons

If you don’t have quite enough space to store your ornaments in the cups on cardboard give an egg carton a try. This works best for smaller ornaments and each little one can have its own little spot.

Candle Storage

What to do with those tall thin candles that can so easily be cracked and broke. Wrap them up in a paper towel and then store them inside of a used paper towel roll. You can even label the roll so you know which candles are where. Genius.

Apple Containers

Bought apples in bulk lately? Make Life Lovely reuses those fancy apple containers to store Christmas ball ornaments. A recycled holiday decoration organization.

Christmas Lights

Oh the tangled mess Christmas lights can become. Have no fear Bob Vila is here with 3 different ways to store your lights to avoid the frustration of dealing with a tangled mess next year. You can wrap them around a piece of cardboard. Twist and tie. Or use a hanger to keep them organized and untangled.

Bob Vila

Beaded Garland

Ugh! If the tangled lights aren’t frustrating enough here comes the beaded garland. No one wants to spend their holiday season unraveling that knot of beads. So try this handy trick instead and organize your beaded garland in a water bottle. Come next year you can easily pour it out and get right to decorating.

Ribbon Storage

I am loving this idea for ribbon storage. First grab a plastic container with holes in it (I bet you could find this at the dollar store). Run a dowel through one end and then slip your ribbon spools on. Next slip the other end of the dowel though the other side. Then take the ends of each ribbon and pull it through the holes on the side (just like the picture below). TADA. Not only is your ribbon organized but it is super easy to get to and use without spools rolling all over the place. Awesome holiday decoration organization tip.

Don’t let the end of the holidays get you down. There is still fun to come as you use these tips for your holiday decoration organization.

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