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How Do Homeschooled Students Make Friends?

Homeschooling is becoming more popular over the years as more parents want to ensure their children receive one-on-one attention. However, most parents are concerned about their children’s social life regarding homeschooling. So, how can homeschooled students make friends? 

Homeschooled students can still easily make friends through local homeschool groups, sports clubs, extra mural activities, community productions, and more. These are excellent places for homeschooled students to make friends while engaging in something they enjoy. 

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There are many ways homeschooled students can make life-long and meaningful friendships with other children. This article will explain how homeschooled children can easily make friends with other children with the same interests, so keep reading!

Can Homeschooled Students Make Friends?

Homeschooling has grown in popularity over the years as more and more parents want to ensure that their children receive the one-on-one attention they need to increase their education and understanding. 

However, even with homeschooling’s popularity growing, one question seems to pop up every time the topic of homeschooling comes up. This question is around how homeschooling will affect the socialization of the children and will the children still be able to make and have friends.

This is a valid concern, as socialization is an important part of growing up, and it helps teach children how to behave and act in society as they grow and become adults. Homeschooling can affect the socialization of children if the parents are not prepared for this aspect of their children’s lives and development.  

As a parent, you need to prepare for the fact that your children will not have other children around them to interact with throughout the day. However, your children can still make meaningful and long-lasting friendships when they are homeschooled if they are allowed to do so. 

You will need to ensure your children have plenty of opportunities to make friends throughout their schooling years to ensure they get the socialization and interaction they need with others to grow into strong, well-adapted adults. 

How Can Homeschooled Students Make Friends? 

As more children are growing up homeschooled, there are more groups and activities that have become available to these children that they can sign up with to ensure they get the social interaction they need every week. 

All these groups and activities offer the children a safe place to make friends and have fun for a few hours in the afternoons. There are many places you can go depending on what your child’s interests are. 

Including your child in a group that shares similar interests will help them make friends easier and will help them feel comfortable in the social setting. This gives them the best chance to make long-lasting friendships while doing something they enjoy. 

Let’s take a look at a few available groups and activities that you can sign your child up for to help them make friends. 

Join A Local Homeschool Group 

In many areas, there are now homeschool groups that you can sign your children up to. These homeschool groups are specifically for homeschooled children to have opportunities to interact with each other socially. 

These groups will organize field trips for the children, park play dates, and even support groups that will allow the children to help one another through their schooling program. You can locate homeschool groups in your area online and get your children involved to ensure they make friends. 

Sign Up For Extra Mural Activities

If you don’t want to go the homeschool group path, there are many other activities you can sign your children up for that can help them make friends. Your child can be involved in plenty of extra mural activities, depending on their interests. 

You can sign your homeschooled children up for summer camps, which offer a great place to make friends while experiencing many different activities that could help them find their passion. You can sign your child up for clubs that can help them with their interests. 

For example, you can sign your child up for a chess club, lego club, book club, or music club, depending on what they like. There are many clubs out there that will gladly include homeschooled children. 

Sign Up With A Sports Club

If your child is highly active and enjoys sports, then there are many sports clubs you can have your child join. Some clubs will focus on one sport in particular, and others will include a mixture of sports in which your child can be involved. 

There are clubs for baseball, football, swimming, tennis, netball, and more. There are even clubs that will teach your child martial arts if that’s what they are interested in. Most of these clubs will meet weekly to practice and create events in which your child can compete. 

By searching online, you can easily find the perfect local sports club that caters to your child’s interests. These sports clubs are an excellent way for homeschooled children to make friends, get out of the house, and stay active all in one place. 

Sign Up For Local Community Productions

If your child is not sporty, or you don’t have many nearby clubs, your child can still make friends. You can sign your child up for your local community productions. Your child can join your local community choir, the annual council play, or even a youth orchestra.

There are many things your child can be included in when it comes to community productions, and your entire family can join if they want to, making it a good family bonding experience too.  

Volunteer At Or Join Local Non-Profit Organizations

Many countries worldwide have non-profit organizations centered around the youth, arts, and education. These non-profits offer an excellent place for young people to gather and interact while doing many activities that can help their development. 

Your child can even volunteer at these organizations and become someone that helps with the other kids in the program. This is a great environment for children to make friends, as everyone is helpful and friendly and needs interaction with others. 


Homeschooling can be scary for parents, as they want their children to have a full life and the social interaction they need to develop well. Thankfully, with homeschooling, it is still possible for children to make friends if you are prepared for this when they first start homeschooling. 

There are many clubs, extra mural activities, and organizations that your children can be a part of where they can make life-long friends, learn, and have fun together. All there is to do is find the one that matches your child’s interests. 






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