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How To Keep Your Nails Healthy Even If You Clean A Lot

For a few years, my main source of income was cleaning houses and my nails suffered because of it.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the job! It’s a great job for a mom with kids in school. I’d drop the kids off, head out to clean a house and be home before my kids got off the bus.

Although I enjoyed the work, I didn’t love the toll it took on my fingernails! They became brittle and would split easily. I also rarely put polish on because they were just going to get ruined again at work the next day! If your nails, like mine, are not in great shape from cleaning other houses or just your own, I’ve come up with a few tips to help get them healthy and strong again!

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Nails Are Not A Tool

Part of my problem was that I would use my fingernails as a tool in my cleaning. Sometimes there’s a stubborn spot or hardened drop of syrup on the counter that really needs to be picked off! For me, the quickest, easiest solution was to use my fingernail under a paper towel. Yes, this saved time but it made my nails weak and brittle.

My sister in law, who has beautiful nails, always says, “nails are not a tool,” and she is absolutely correct! If you need to scrape something or pick at something during your cleaning, use the proper tool instead of your fingers! Grab a sponge, a scrub brush or a plastic scraper to do the job for you.

Keep Them Short

Since I was cleaning so much I would keep my nails short. This prevented them from breaking and splitting and also forced me to use proper tools instead of my fingernails for cleaning. For me, I’d rather have healthy, short nails, than long brittle ones! Plus I love the look of short fingernails with a bright or dark polish!

Wear A Base Coat

Keep a clear coat of nail polish on when you clean. This adds a barrier of protection, plus if it chips, it’s not very noticeable since it’s clear. There are tons of clear coats to choose from and some that even claim to strengthen your nails!

Wear Gloves

cleaning gloves

This is a common sense tip because it really works! Wearing gloves is a great way to keep your fingernails healthy and strong. Plus, it keeps the polish from chipping off while you are cleaning!

I hope these tips help you keep your nails healthy and strong, even after a day of cleaning!

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