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How to Reseal Your Granite Countertops

There are many chores in our homes that tend to take a backseat to everyday messes. One job that I always seem to put off a lot is the resealing of granite countertops. Keep in mind that most providers of granite countertops will apply a sealant on the stone before it is installed.

Typically, a well sealed granite countertop will only need to be resealed about once every one to five years if the job is properly done the first time. With this typical span of time, resealing of granite countertops can be something that most people need a refresher on when the time does come. 

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If you fall into this category, here are some things to remember about resealing your granite countertops.

How to Reseal Granite Countertops

Now, let’s take a look at the steps you need to take to reseal your granite countertops.  The good news is it much easier than you think it is!

Make Sure It Needs Resealing

The first thing to do is really think “does this granite need to be resealed?”.

Performing a simple water test on the granite itself will indicate if it needs to be resealed at all. A water test is done by spraying or dropping a very small amount of water onto the countertop. Be on the lookout for if the water beads or if it gets absorbed into the stone itself.

A good sealant will prevent the water from entering the stone. Therefore, if the water is absorbed it is clear that the counter needs resealing.

After performing this simple test, the next step will be to apply whatever cleaner you typically use on the granite. Give the counter a thorough cleaning and also be sure it has time to dry before proceeding.

Pick Your Product, The Proper Granite Sealer

Lighter colored granite countertops will need to be resealed more often as they are more susceptible to staining. Colors such a beige or grey will show stains more easily, whereas colors such as dark blue or black will hide everyday stains much easier.

With this in mind, it is important to pick a quality product that will not only last a long time but require less maintenance over time.

For the fairer countertops, try purchasing a complete kit with a cleaner, sealant and polish since you will be repeating the process more often. For darker colored granite, a good sealant is all that will likely be required. Some products can even be bought in bulk and poured into a separate spray bottle before application.

reseal granite countertops

Sealing Your Granite Countertops

Once you have your chosen product in hand, give it a good shake so that the liquid inside is well mixed before use.

Start by generously spaying an even coat of the sealant across the entire surface of the counter. Allow that to sit from 3-5 minutes before repeating the process a second time. After you spray the counter for the second time allow it to set for about half an hour.

Once the product has properly dried, take a microfiber towel or cloth and wipe off any sealant that is left. If you notice any spots that have dry sealant that will not wipe off with the cloth, simply spray that spot with more sealant and wipe it again. 

How to Reseal Your Granite Countertops

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