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How To Save Money Raising Boys

No matter how you shake it, raising kids is expensive.  All children come with different expenses. Yet there can be marked differences between the cost of raising boys and raising girls. If you are a #boymom like me, you’ve probably learned a few ways to save some money in the pursuit of raising your tiny men. If not, here are a few things I’ve learned while bringing up boys:

Second Hand Is Not Second Best

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Boys can be rough on clothes, toys and just about everything else they come into contact with. There are some things that can be purchased second hand to help save a little cash.  Clothes, toys, and play equipment are a few I tend to buy used. When buying second-hand clothes check out gently used children’s clothing stores (Once Upon a Child, etc.), online garage sales, and tell friends and family that have boys older than yours to keep you in mind when looking to get rid of clothes.

The same thing can apply to toys too. Most of the time children age out of different toys.  This can be a good chance to scoop up a good deal.  Toys that a child has outgrown still have a lot of life left in them. Bigger play objects, such as trampolines, bikes, and sports equipment can be costly when purchased new.  By buying second hand you can save a considerable amount of money. Of course, you can’t be expected to never buy your son some new items, but you can definitely save a lot by buying used here and there.

Learn To Cut Hair

cutting boys hair

Bare with me on this one! Learning a skill such as how to cut boys hair can save you more money in the long run than you’ll even think possible. If you think about it the average cost of a child’s haircut can vary from $10-$30 sometimes more depending on your location and what kind of cut they want done. If you have more than one child, you can double or triple that cost! Now, boys need their haircut more often than most girls since they tend to keep their hair shorter. Not only this but the hassle of trying to schedule an appointment at a hair salon, drive your son there, etc. can be avoided if you just cut their hair at home.

This task can be a little intimidating when you first set out to learn it. But, with a little time, patience and plenty of Youtube videos you might just learn how to cut your kid’s hair in a way and style that he actually likes. Also, if you are lucky enough to have a hairdresser in the family, maybe they can even teach you a few tricks of the trade as well. And hey, worse case scenario there’s always a buzz cut and hair always grows back!

Buy In Bulk

grocery shopping

I have small children so I spend a lot of money on groceries every month. I can only imagine how much I will be spending by the time they get to their teenage years! One thing I have learned is it is best to buy my boys’ favorite foods, snacks, and drinks in bulk. This allows me to be stocked up for a while and in the long run I end up paying less. So, if your son can’t live without his favorite cereal or you go through bread left and right, why not buy a bunch at one time? Some foods can be put in the freezer for later use too!  This tip will be useful as your kids get older and start eating you out of house and home.

How to Save Money Raising Boys

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