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Keep Kids Snow Gear Organized (and dry!)

kids snow gear

10 gloves, five hats, 10 boots, five pairs of snow pants, five coats plus 10 wet socks and five cold kids begging for hot chocolate. This is the scene at my house after every glorious snow outing. Sledding is so much fun…but the clean-up of kids wet snow gear afterward is one of my least favorite mom chores. Over the years I’ve tried many different ways to A) get snow clothes dry and B) keep snow clothes organized. Is there anything worse than looking for one lost glove?  I’m sharing my top five ways to keep snow clothes organized and dry. 

Towels Method

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Have your kids put a towel on the floor in their bedroom. After they come in from snow play, have them bring their wet snow clothes to their room and lay them out on the towel. Once everything is dry, they can put the clothes away in their proper place. 

Laundry Basket Method

Have an empty laundry basket lined with a towel near the door. Have the kids put their hats and gloves on the bottom of the basket and lay the snow pants and coats across the top for maximum drying.

kids snow gear

Direct to Dryer Method

This is a very effective way to ensure that everything is dry (and smells nice!). However, it does cause more wear and tear on clothes. Have the kids leave boots by the door, and bring their gloves, hats, coats and snow pants straight to the dryer. Keep a fabric cube for each child in the laundry room and sort the snow clothes into their cube from the dryer all fresh and dry. 

Drying Rack Method

If you have space, keep a couple of foldable dryer racks near the door to the outside. As soon as the kids head outside, put up the dryer racks and teach the kids to put their clothes directly on the rack as soon as they take them off. After the snow gear is all put away, fold up the rack and you are back to business as usual. 

kids snow clothes


Hanger and Mesh Method

 This is my current method for keeping our snow clothes dry and organized. I purchased a small mesh bag for each kid (like the kind used for washing lingerie). Then I  hooked it right onto the top of a plastic hanger. When my kids come in from playing in the snow, they: 1) put their wet gloves and hats into the mesh bag 2) hang the snow pants on the hanger and 3) zip the coat around the top of the hanger. For maximum drying speed, place the snow pants and coats on separate hangers. This method works amazingly for us because it is easy to do and everything gets dry and stays organized.

Playing in the snow creates the best memories for our kids. I hope these tricks to keep kids snow gear dry and organized helps to make it a time of beautiful and stress-free memories for you as well.

Kids Snow Gear

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