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Keep Yourself Warm at Fall Sports: Tips for Players and Parents

Don’t you just love watching your child enjoying fall sports? I bet the answer is yes as long as the weather is nice, right? It can be hard to be an enthusiastic fan when game times are downright chilly! Here are a few tips to help keep yourself warm and cozy so you can enjoy the game without shivering.

How to Stay Warm at Football Games

Football is one of those sports that can get pretty chilly as the season goes on.  There are others as well, and these tips are great as the weather gets cooler for any sport out there.

Break Out the Winter Gear

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It may be too early to wear your hat and mittens on the regular in the fall, but they certainly come in handy during fall sports!

Even if you won’t be bundling up in your scarves and earmuffs for your daily commute, you won’t regret pulling the box out of the attic for those early Saturday morning games.

Hand Warmers

Pick up a box of hot hands or a similar product. You simply shake them to activate the heat. Then you can tuck them into your gloves, shoes, and anywhere else you might want to keep toasty.

If you don’t like the idea of using a disposable product, you can purchase re-usable microwaveable heating pads. If you are handy, you can make one yourself. Check out the Wellness Mama for step by step instructions for making this yourself.

Wool Socks

If your child plays fall sports, invest in a few quality pairs of wool socks. They really do keep your feet warmer than cotton. They are more expensive, but definitely worth it if you’ll be outside a lot this fall.

Warm Drinks

keep warm at fall sports

Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

Your kids might not be able to drink hot chocolate during a game, but why should that stop you? Fill a travel mug with your favorite hot drink to keep your body and hands warm. Again, quality is important here. Invest in a good quality travel mug that will hold the heat for the whole game.

Blankets!  The ultimate tool to staying warm at cold football games!

There’s something so fallish and cozy about snuggling up in blankets while watching sports. Grab a bunch of old throw blankets or comforters to store in your car. Then they are right there when you need them if the weather turns chilly during the game.

Tips for Kids to Stay Warm During Cold Games

Now let’s talk about some more tips to keeping your children nice and warm while they participate in fall sports.


The best way to keep your child warm during fall sports is to dress in layers. Once they start moving, they will obviously get warmer and can start taking layers off. This is a great tip for parents as well.

Athletic Wear

If your child is especially chilly, purchase some cold gear athletic wear that is specifically designed to keep them warm. These are usually on the thinner side so they can easily be worn underneath uniforms.

Keep Them Moving

During breaks in the game, encourage your child to keep moving to keep their body heat up. Again, this is another tip that works for spectators as well.

There’s no reason to sit on the sidelines shivering during this year’s fall sports season. Take a few minutes to gather all your cold-weather gear before you head to the field. You’ll enjoy the game much more!

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