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Fabulous and Fun Family Reunion Games

If you’ve got a family reunion this summer you’ll want some games to play. Check out this list of fabulous and fun family reunion games.

Family Reunion Games


It’s a classic. A game of bean bag tossing. This game is fun and fabulous for family reunions because all ages can participate.

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You can have a 2 player game or play doubles (4 players). The kiddos may even enjoy all holding a bean bag and each taking a turn to toss it.

To play cornhole each person stands next to one of the boards and then tosses their bean bags one at at time trying to get it into the hole of the board opposite them.

Points are scored for landing your bean bag on the board and for getting your bean bag into the hole. For the official rules of Cornhole visit

Don’t let the official rules stop you from being creative. Make your own rules and come up with your own version of the game.

You could try playing a version where both sides are tossing at the same time and whoever gets all theirs in the in the hole first wins.

A fabulous and fun way to play would be to only use one board and have everyone line up to take turns tossing to it. After the first person tosses one the next person starts tossing and tries to get theirs in the hole before the first person does.

If they get it in the hole before the first person does the first person is out. If the first person gets it in the hole first they go to the back of the line and the next person tries to get it in the hole. We call the game Speed when we play it in basketball.

Two cornhole boards with red and blue bean bags and carrying case. family reunion games


This fun family reunion game is a cross between volleyball and four square. If you are familiar with the popular game 9 Square Crossnet is basically a more compact version of it.

CROSSNET game set up with carrying bag.

It’s a pretty quick set up all you need is level ground to set it up on. You will fit the poles together, attach the net, stake it in the ground and finally add your perimeter boundary line.

The net makes 4 quadrants and a player stands in each space. The server serves to the person diagonal from them. That person then volleys the ball back to someone else.

The volleying continues until someone misses the ball or hits it out of bounds. Then that person is out and a new player comes in rotating through the 4 positions.

The goal being to try and get into the top server position and stay there as long as possible.

This is a fast paced game and you can have as many waiting in line to play as you would like. They will rotate in one at a time as someone else gets out.

The rotation goes quickly so your wait in line won’t be long.

The poles are also adjustable so you can lower it if younger kiddos are playing.


Game of spikeball set up with carrying case. family reunion games

This game is a family reunion favorite among the teenagers and young adults in our family. I personally have yet to play it successfully. I’ll keep trying.

You can set up Spikeball on most any surface. We have played it at the beach, on the grass, in our driveway and on asphalt. You’ll want to be sure that whatever surface you choose is level.

The idea is to stand around the circular net in 2 teams of 2. The server bounces the ball off the net to the other team.

Then keep it in play with your teammate like in the game of volleyball by touching it 3 or less times and then returning it to the net. Then it’s the other teams turn to do the same thing.

To watch this game in action and hear the rules check out this quick 30 second video.

Like all games you can make your own version of the rules so that all ages and abilities can be successful and have fun playing Spikeball at your family reunion.


This Scandinavian game is fabulous and fun! We discovered it at a home we were renting for our vacation. It looked interesting so we gave it a try.

The easiest way to describe it would be bowling but its much more than that.

Mölkky game pins in their carrying case. family reunion games

The game comes with 12 numbered pins. To begin the game you set up the 12 pins on any surface where they will remain standing (grass, sand, road, etc.).

When the pins are set up they look similar to bowling pins set up. Though they have to be put in a certain order depending on the number on the pin.

Then you use the wooden “skittle” to knock the pins over. When throwing the skittle (cylinder shaped piece of wood) it can be held horizontally.

Your score depends upon which pins you knock over and the number on them.

Once your score is recorded you set the fallen pins back up wherever they fell. Then it’s the next persons turn.

This game has the potential for A LOT of strategy as you are trying to reach the number 50. You count your points by adding together the numbers on the pins you knock over. Yet, you don’t want to go over the number 50 or you have to restart your score at 25 and play from there.

You many want to have a mathematician or at least a calculator on hand for ease of play. You could even designate someone as the score keeper to include more family members in your game.

For specifics on how to score and to see this (fabulous and fun family reunion) game in action check out this video.

Some of the BEST times are when we can get together with family. Some of the BEST ways to bond when we are all together is by playing games. You can’t go wrong when you try one of these fabulous and fun family reunion games at your next family get together.

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