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Switching Out Kids Clothes for Different Seasons

Switching out kids clothing for the seasons is even more difficult than switching out your own clothes. That’s because kids grow out of clothes so quickly! They may only wear their clothes for a season or two. And, if your child is having a growth spurt, those clothes might not even last one season! Here are a few tips to keep on top of your child’s clothes as they outgrow them so that you’ll have an easier time once it’s time for clothes for different seasons.

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What To Do with Outgrown Clothes

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Figure out what your plan is for outgrown clothes. Will you donate them? Are you passing them on to a friend? Are you saving them for siblings? Will you sell them at a consignment sale? Or some combination of all of these?

Once you decide what to do with the outgrown clothes, grab a bin, a box, or a bag for each of these categories to keep in your child’s closet. As soon as your child outgrows something, wash it and store it in the corresponding bin. Mark each bin clearly because with all the clothes you’ll go through as your child grows, you may forget which bin is for donation and which bin is to pass on to a friend.

Be sure to follow through with each bin periodically. If you have a bin for donation, call for a pickup or drop off to your favorite charity once that bin is full. If you have a bin for consignment sale, pull it out when it’s time to start getting ready for the sale.

Dealing with outgrown clothes as soon as you can will save you loads of time when it’s time to switch out your child’s clothes for the season.

Switching Out Clothes Seasonally

Because you dealt with outgrown clothes as your child outgrew them, switching clothes for the season will be much easier. As you pack away clothes for the season, you might notice some more clothes that no longer fit. Simply put these in the corresponding bins. You also may notice clothes that fit your child, but they never wear. If they haven’t worn an item the whole season, chances are they aren’t going to wear it next year. Add them to the bins for hand-me-downs, donations, or sale.

Changing Weather Challenges

Switching out clothes for weather for any season can be a challenge. As winter turns to spring there might be a few warm days followed by some cold ones. The same is true as summer turns to fall. When I switch out my kids’ clothes for the season, I usually leave out a favorite outfit or two from the previous season in case of a quick weather change.

Packing Clothes Away for Next Year

If your child will still fit their clothes for the following clothes, pack them away for next year. It’s true they might have a growth spurt and not fit them by the time next season rolls around, but if they don’t, you’ll be happy you held on to them. In addition to the bins you have in the closet for donation, storing for siblings, etc.. you are now adding a new bin to the mix. Marking the bins clearly now will save you time when it’s time to unpack clothes next year.

Unpacking Clothes for the Current Season

Before you fill your child’s drawer with the bin of clothes from last year, take a minute to make sure everything still fits. The way kids grow, chances are some of those clothes and shoes no longer fit. You don’t want to clutter up drawers and closets with clothes that they can’t wear. Then, take inventory of what they have that does fit. Is it enough to get them through the season? If not, make a list of what they need and shop accordingly. Heading to the stores with a list will keep you from overbuying on items they have enough of.

Buying Ahead and Storing Clothes for Future Seasons

Buying clothes for your kids offseason is a great way to save money. Hit the clearance sales at the end of summer and winter to stock up on clothes for the following season at great prices. Or, buy ahead at consignment sales to get a jump on future years. Saving this money and being ready with larger sizes when your kids have a growth spurt is a great feeling. The challenge is what to do with these clothes once you have them. First of all, if you don’t have room to store them, don’t buy them or don’t buy as much. Also, if your child is picky and you can’t be sure they will wear these clothes in the future, don’t buy them. It’s not worth a good price on a shirt if the shirt never gets worn. For the clothes you do buy, sort them by size and gender, and again, clearly label them. For clothes that won’t be worn for a year or two, it’s a good idea to store them in the basement, garage, or attic. Don’t leave these clothes in the closet or the drawers as they will just add mess and confusion to your current system.

Hope these tips help you switch your kids’ clothes for the season!

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