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Kids Just Won’t Listen? There is a Solution!

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How to Be the Best Mom Ever and Get Your Kids to Listen.

With Only the Press of a Button!

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With the press of a button, you can feel happy, calm, cool and collected.  Your kids will clean the house and get ready to go ON TIME every morning.   They will lovingly and quickly make their beds, put things in order, clean, do the laundry, get dressed, do their hair, eat breakfast, rinse their dishes, and brush their teeth.  They will also clean up and get into bed ON TIME every night.  In other words, the stress that usually happens in the mornings and evenings can easily and instantly be changed into loving, happy feelings – with one simple, life-changing parenting tool.

miracle music game

The Miracle Music Game is the key.  Start the games morning Cd and your whole family will have fun doing acts of kindness for each other.  The amazing side benefits are that your house will maintain it’s cleanliness, and your family will get ready on time, but the main goal of the game is to create love at home.  

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Hi.  My name is Christine Mullins.  I’m a mother to eight children, and the creator of The Miracle Music Game.  I believe that motherhood can be the most valued, rewarding and fun career, if you have the right tools and skills. The most important skill to have seems to be to know how to create a loving atmosphere at home.  To help mom’s easily do this, I spent twenty years inventing The Miracle Music Game. It instantly transforms the mood of a home into one of kindness during the two hardest times of the day.  For more details about how the game automatically incorporates positive parenting principles, and makes you the best (and happiest) mom ever, go to  

Best Wishes, Christine Mullins

P.S. The Miracle Music Game makes the perfect Christmas gift.

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