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Last Minute Fall Decor : One Entry Table – Three Ways

Simple fall decor for the last minute!

You may have noticed your Instagram feed is filling up with the telltale signs that Fall has arrived. The moms that have it all together have already posted photos of their smiling kids picking out pumpkins at the local pumpkin patch. They’ve shared a close-up of their homemade sugar cookies shaped like spooky ghosts. For weeks, their home has been perfectly and effortlessly styled with chic Halloween decor.

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Maybe you’re one of these perfect Instagram moms. Hats off to you. Or perhaps you fall into a different camp. The camp of moms asking in a panic, “Halloween is next week?!” This autumn season is passing you by, and you haven’t sat down to enjoy even as much as a cup of cider. If you’re a little behind on your Halloween and fall decorating, don’t panic – we’ve got you covered. Today we’re sharing three different ways to decorate your entry table for Halloween and Autumn. With just a few accessories from around your house or in your holiday storage bins, you can copy this quick and easy décor faster than you can say trick-or-treat. Check out the three style choices below, and turn your boring entryway into an autumn masterpiece. Then post it on Instagram and pretend like you did it four weeks ago.

1. Spooky Black and White

This style is modern black and white with a frightful twist. Start with some simple black and white artwork, and remember – it doesn’t have to be Halloween themed! Next, add in a few black and white accessories. A live green plant always adds a fresh and welcoming element. Finish off the look with a couple of spooky yet simple details, like fake black crows and a framed skull.



2. Modern Metallic Autumn

Ready to welcome in autumn, but a pile of gourds on top of a hay bale isn’t quite your style? We understand. Try this contemporary take on fall décor instead. To emulate this look use trendy metallic pieces along with a color scheme of yellow, orange, and brown. Here we paired orange floral artwork with a few fall-inspired accessories. No need to go overboard with pumpkins or scarecrows. We kept it simple with a few miniature pumpkins on a gold leaf-shaped plate.



3. Friendly Halloween Fun

This table is a little more playful and will delight the little ones in your home, but it’s not too cutesy that you feel like you’re living in a Halloween party store. If you want to try this style, stick to a classic black and orange color scheme. All you need is a couple of happy jack-o-lantern accessories and a friendly ghoul to get started. Try arranging items in groups of three for guaranteed balance. Paper spiders on the wall is a fun finishing touch.



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