Laundry Day. Simplified.

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Over on my tech blog I’m going to be talking about all the awesome technology that are in the Bosch Appliances that I got t check out this week at the Bosch “From Hamper to Hanger” event in Arizona. 

On this side I’m going to discuss the ways to make your laundry chore easier to manage. 

Like I mentioned before, small, more frequent loads are definitely the way to go, but as our Container Store person told us the more organized your actual laundry room is, the easier it will be. 

She showed us several products that can help.  The first one that caught my attention was a tall stack of drawers.  What I liked about this that fit in with my color coding ideas is that each drawer could have a label with each child’s name and color.  When you take the laundry out of the dryer you can fold it and put it in the drawer.  Where would you do this folding, you would ask?  Well!  There is an option for a pull out board that you can fold the clothes on!  As your children get home from school they just take their drawer up to their room and put their clothing away.  Another great thing she told us, that I can’t believe I didn’t think of before, was color coded hangers!  Again, each family member has a color.  Hang all of the clothing on the hangers based on the persons color.  Then they can grab their colored hangers, and put them away.

Really it’s all about making less work for yourself, and teaching your children a little bit about work and cleaning up after themselves. 

We got some more great tips!  Stay tuned!

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Sarah Kimmel originally created Organized Mom as a way to promote her software program to help busy moms get organized. The software never went anywhere, but the blog took off! While she still writes occasionally for Organized Mom, you can find her writing at Family Tech more frequently. She is also currently works doing IT Services in Utah at Protek Support

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  • I can’t believe I was so ahead of my time! Back when you were young, I had bins above the washing machine – one for each person in the family. I folded the laundry right there, put it in the appropriate bin, and then everyone took their bin to their room to put their clothes away. I should have thought to make the bins color coded, however. Can I have a “do over”? I’d love to do it all again … and this time I’d do it so much better!

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