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Meaningful 50th Birthday Gifts

If you have a friend or loved one turning 50 then you are going to need a gift. Try gifting one of these meaningful 50th birthday gifts.

50 in gold balloons

50th Birthday Gift Ideas

50 Favorite Memories

Grab a notebook and a pen and get to brain storming. See if you can come up with 50 favorite memories of the birthday boy/girl. The great thing about memories is that everyone has different ones so even if multiple people gave this gift the lists wouldn’t be identical.

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To get the juices flowing think of memories that happened on vacations. Memories around holidays like Christmas and the Fourth of July. If you have known the birthday boy/girl for awhile then be sure to add in some memories from your childhood, teens, and college days. If there are some humorous or embarrassing moment memories then those are a must to add to the favorites list.

Once you have a stellar list the next step is to choose how you want to deliver it. You can recite it outside their window with you boombox playing (remember that movie). Try typing out the list and then printing it off for them. Go one step further and frame the list. You could also use a book making site like Shutterfly to turn your memories into a coffee top table book for them.

Reflect Back On the Year They Were Born

1973 would be the year 50 years ago. Take a time machine and travel back in time to reminisce about what the good old days 50 years ago were like.

There are a lot of fun gifts out there to help you remember 1973 and what was going on back in the days. For example you could gift 1973 Trivia Playing Cards.

A package of 1973 Trivia Challenge playing cards.

Another fun way to reminisce is by getting this birthday cardwith lots of fun 1973 facts on it.

A birthday card with facts from 1973 on it.

Take the birthday boy/girl back in time with some super yummy and old school vintage candy.

Vintage candy such as Dots, Razzles, Bottle Caps and Charms.

Top 10 List

We all love hearing nice things said about us. So a meaningful 50th birthday gift would be to make a top 10 list of the things you love or admire or have learned from the birthday boy/girl.

You could make this list sentimental and a tear jerker. Or you could make it humorous (think David Letterman’s top 10 lists) light and fun. Either way the list will be meaningful for the recipient.

You can send the list by text, email, snail mail or through a phone call. It can be printed up and framed or video yourself reciting the list to add an extra personal and meaningful touch.

A Personal History Book

It would be amazing if you knew the birthday boy/girl so well that you could write their history for them and have it printed up. Since the likelihood of that is pretty slim there is an alternative option for capturing 50 years of life.

You could gift a book that allows them to tell their own story of their life. The book has journal prompts and pages with suggestions of things to write down to record their own history.

The book,

It’s already in a hardback bound book so there is nothing more for you to do then to give them this meaningful gift that will allow them to share their memories, thoughts, adventures and lessons learned (and maybe a pen).

If you do know a thing or two about the birthday boy/girl then you could try this book, “I Wrote a Book About You”.

The front cover of the book,

This book gives you prompts and space to write about the birthday boy/girl. For example, it says, “If I had to sing a karaoke song for you it would be…”. Or, “One of the most wonderful things about having you in my life is getting to see you…”. This gift would be so meaningful to receive!

50 Photos

Another great way to give a meaningful gift for someone’s 50th would be to gather pictures of them over the years. Not just any old amount of pictures. You are going to want 50 pictures.

You could gather one picture from each of their 50 years and have them in order chronologically. Reach out to other friends and family and have them submit their favorite pictures of the birthday boy/girl.

Gather pictures from vacations, holidays, special events, other birthdays and even selfies!

Once you have gathered all your pictures you can assemble them into a book. Try putting them in a digital book or an old school photo album. Turning the pictures into a collage or timeline that could be displayed would be memorable too.

If the birthday boy/girl lives at your house you could display the 50 pictures around the house. Hang them on the walls or string them across the mantle. Weather permitting you could hang them up outside or stick them all over your garage door.

Personalize It

Personalized gifts always feel more meaningful. That could mean you make or create it yourself or you find a way to incorporate them into the gift.

A pair of socks with someone's face on them.

Call me crazy but I LOVE these socks with a face on them. You could gift these socks with the birthday boy/girl’s face or make it meaningful by adding your face to the socks!

For tons of personalized picture gift ideas you can check out For personalized gifts from pictures to, well, whatever you can think of, you are going to want to shop at You can personalize Christmas ornaments, flower pots, pillows and candles. They can personalize all the things so whatever gift you want to give will be perfectly meaningful.

A 50th birthday is a HUGE milestone and you want to celebrate it with the right meaningful gift. Your gift can be free by sharing a memory or writing a top 10 list. Your gift can be personalized by creating it yourself or adding their name or picture to it. Whatever you choose remember, its the thought that counts!

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