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National Oatmeal Day is October 29th

October 29th is “National Oatmeal Day” in the United States. On this day we celebrate all things this delicious grain has to offer. From yummy desserts and many health benefits, oatmeal is a breakfast staple all around the world. If you fall into the oatmeal fan club, here are a few easy recipes to help celebrate on October 29th.

Celebrate National Oatmeal Day!

Here are some simple and delicious oatmeal recipes to help you celebrate national oatmeal day!  If you’re looking for tips to go beyond the bowl when it comes to oatmeal, we have you covered.

Baked Oatmeal Bread

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Whether baked into a cereal bar or bread, oatmeal can easily be made into bite size, on-the-go meals. With a 8 by 8 baking pan and a few simple ingredients you can make and bake oatmeal into a customizable and nutritious snack. Oatmeal bread if for those that prefer something softer and sweet. This recipe from Melanie Cooks is both easy to make and yummy. For the more health conscious, oatmeal bars are a good alternative. 

If cooking or baking aren’t your thing or you are lacking time, Nature Valley makes a variety of similar oatmeal cereal bars as well. Kashi and Kind bars are other reputable brands that have great reviews from mom and kids alike, too. All of these are made with natural, wholesome ingredients similar to the ones that can be made right in your kitchen. However, the homemade version costs much less. 

Overnight Oats

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Overnight oats make a super easy on the go breakfast or snack for busy families. The concept is simple: grab a mason jar or other favorite container that has a lid. Next, layer oatmeal, fruits, milk (cow’s, coconut or almond) and any other food items (honey, peanut butter, berries) you want. Seal it up and put it in the refrigerator overnight. Then, in the morning you will have a soft oatmeal treat that can be eaten with a spoon. This is very similar to a parfait or other layered breakfast item.

Use It For Topping

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Oatmeal can be sprinkled, crumbled or ground up into a powder and put on just about anything! From yogurt parfaits to apple cobbler, oatmeal makes a delicious and healthy addition to many savory and staple dishes. Keep a bag of crumbled oatmeal or oats and granola in the cupboard to add to cereal, brownies or whatever excites your taste buds. 

Bagged oats and nuts are also great by the handful or in small sandwich bags for afterschool snacks, long car rides or family movie nights! 

Mix It Up

National Oatmeal Day

Via Alexander Mils on Pexels

While oatmeal can be made in a variety of fun ways, nothing quite beats a warm bowl of traditional oatmeal. The best thing about going back to the basics is that each member of your family can customize this classic dish anyway they want. From adding a dollop of Nutella to slicing up some bananas, a big batch of microwavable or cooked oats will feed everyone. Oatmeal is one of the best breakfast foods out there because it is very filling. With added ingredients such as milk, fruit and nuts everyone can create their own yummy combination. 

National Oatmeal Day October 29th

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