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Non Candy Ways To Say I Love You On Valentine’s

Tired of all the candy that comes with Valentine’s? How about trying one of these non candy ways to say I love you on Valentine’s Day.


This non candy way to say I love you is AWESOME for the kiddos but us big kids like it too. You can choose to go with a balloon bouquet or keep it simple with a fun helium filled balloon. You can even find the perfect balloon at the dollar store which makes it an inexpensive way to say I love you. If you want a variety of balloons and sizes try a balloon set like this one on Amazon.

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Love Notes

Who doesn’t love to get a love note. It feels so nice to have someone say all the reasons they love and appreciate you. Why stop with just one note. Why not say I love you with lots and lots and lots of notes! Get a fresh pack of Post-it notes and get to writing. Then spread that love all over the house! The fridge, the mirror, the dresser, the door even in the car. Notes of love will be a fun surprise for your Valentine to find throughout the day.

Heart Attack

A fun non candy way to say I love you is by heart attacking your Valentine’s door. It’s as easy as cutting out some paper hearts and writing some nice, thoughtful, and loving words on them. Then grab some tape and start sticking. This would be so great on a bedroom door, car door or front door.

Heart Attack Your valentine’s Door

Hand, Foot, or Back Rub

ALWAYS a good idea! Whether you give the foot rub yourself or you give a coupon for a massage or pedicure. It’s a sure way to let your Valentine know they’re loved and help them relax without giving them candy.

Photos Of You Together

A fun way to say I love you would be with memories. Print off some photos that bring back fond memories of the two of you. Then put them in a book or in the shape of a heart on the wall. You could hang them around the house or put them in envelopes to open throughout the day. Your Valentine will love looking back on the memorable times you’ve had together.

Photo by sarandy westfall on Unsplash


One of the best ways to show your love is through service. So why not celebrate Valentine’s Day by doing a service for your loved ones. It can be as simple as making a bed or picking up a room. You could even run an errand to save them time or help with their laundry by ironing. The possibilities are endless and free when you are giving of your time to say I love you.

This year try something different by doing one of these non candy ways to say I love you on Valentine’s Day. They are sure to know they are loved whether you choose balloons, love notes, heart attack, foot rub, photos or service. You can’t go wrong when trying to show someone you care. Happy Valentine’s!

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