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Organize Any Size Master Bedroom Closet

Sharing a space with your partner can be difficult. Having enough room in the master bedroom closet often proves tricky for most couples. Trying to make the most out of the space within your master bedroom closet is key to keeping the space organized and efficiently in use.

What Goes Where

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Bedroom closets tend to be catchalls for items such as shoes, purses, and off season clothing. Bedroom closets should strictly be used for clothes. Keeping other items in other parts of the house will help to reduce clutter and make clothes easier to find. Along with this, shirts, pants, undergarments and other specific clothing pieces should have a designated space within the closet itself.

Storage, Storage, Storage

There are so many storage options for closets, that finding one that works for your unique space shouldn’t be too difficult. Building shelves, picking up stackable boxes and hanging hooks will be the key to keeping your master closet under control. Get creative with storage options wherever possible or necessary. 

Practical Placement

When laying out a master closet layout, make sure to put items that are worn more often is easier to reach spots. Also, keep in mind height differences between partners. Having items in a high up spot that a shorter person won’t be able to reach makes no practical sense. If storing items up high is the only real place to put certain things, then be sure keep a step stool or extended grabber close by for easier access.

Cut Out the Clutter

When it comes to any bedroom closet, the key is to go extremely minimal. Keep only items in your closet that you where regularly and purge closets as often as possible. A good rule of thumb, is if you haven’t worn a piece of clothing in the past year, with the exception of special occasion pieces, then sell it or donate it! Box up clothes seasonally and keep them in a separate space if possible. Another good way to avoid clutter, is that for every new article of clothing that you buy, get rid of something old. 

Teamwork Makes the Dream work

When sharing a closet space with the person you love, it can be tricky to keep all parties happy with the amount of space they have to store their items. With that in mind, be considerate of your partner and give them adequate storage space for their own items. While some people need a bit more space for clothes, it is important to divide space as equally as possible. Other things to keep in mind are the size of each person’s clothing items and where they all should go. For example, if one partner is taller, they may need a bit of a bigger space to hang up their clothes as opposed to a small partner. 

Be respectful and considerate of each other’s space as much as possible. If your partner’s clothes have fallen on the floor, consider hanging them for them in the hopes that they will do the same for you when the opportunity arises. 

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